17 May 2009

You will NOT believe this shit...

Ladies, first of all - I love you guys. Thank you for your great comments and support.

Now, please note that I am officially FREAKING OUT.

Get this shit....

Yesterday, I workout like a fiend, starve myself until the dress fitting so I'm feeling good; all is well. Now you must note that I haven't tried the dress on in over 6 weeks. When I tried it on at that time my Mom was in town and even she said "just lose 10 more pounds". I was already planning to lose more then that so no biggie.

We get to the seamstress yesterday, I try the dress on and they lace the corset backing up as tight as it will go and I'm comfortably in it!

I panic. Yes, PANIC.

Do you realize what this means? Do you?

It means that my dress, right now, fits perfectly.


Very bad.

The seamstress and my planner tell me that I "must not lose another pound".

Get that?

They tell me to "stop losing weight".


No way. No how. NEVER.

So I start freaking out. Right then. I ask if they can take the dress in. But because of the way the dress is made, that is not an option. Not a fucking option!!!

I WILL lose another 15-20lbs before this wedding. Period. That shit is happening.

So I am now facing the reality of my dress not fitting properly.


So I said fuck it.

Know what I am doing today??

Going wedding dress shopping. Yeah, I said it.

I'm buying another, smaller, dress. This is my wedding day and I'm going to weigh the least I possibly can. And I will have a dress that fits.

My fiance is not happy with me and thinks I'm nuts.
I'm just pulling out the credit card.

I probably am crazy but dammit...I am losing more weight and I will wear a dress that fits.

I can't even believe this is happening. I should have bought the damn dress in a smaller size to begin with. And I love the dress. It was not cheap. But too bad.

Bride-zilla is here.

Wish me luck! And stay hungry!!


  1. awww honey - I hate that for you, maybe you could try and find a cheaper dress this go around? make the blow to your credit card a little less? because I know telling you to stay at this weight and keep the dress you already have is not what you want so I won't even try and convince you to wait to lose any more until after the wedding.

  2. Oh wow girl. Well, hey it may be your dream dress, but its nothing in comparison to your dream body. Can you buy the same dress, but in a smaller size? Anyway, good luck. I know you'll look positively radiant, thin, and beautiful on your wedding day.

  3. Yay! That dress had better be freakin hot, girl!
    Just make sure you buy it small enough but not too small. It would suck to have the same thing happen again =p

  4. Woww...that sucks. Well good luck finding a new dress. You will look fabulouss