06 May 2009

Drugs...Drugs 'r bad m'kay....

First of all thank you all for your comments! It means a lot. :) I take your support and suggestions to heart. You ladies are beyond words. Seriously.

I didn't post yesterday because I felt like like hell. I had a beer when I got home from work on Monday night (yeah, yeah I know...not cool) and yesterday was not a stellar day either.

BUT! I am very happy this morning as I have rediscovered my stash of phentermine. Yes my babies...prescription appetite suppressants ROCK. These things are a year old and I thought I'd given them all to my friend last summer. Of course the question is why did I give them all away in the first place right? Well I was seriously depressed and considering suicide and gave them away because I figured why bother suppressing my appetite when I would probably kill myself soon. Needless to say, I'm still here - for better or for worse.

So yay me for cleaning under my bathroom sink last night and discovering my phen. I popped one of those babies an hour ago (I get up obscenely early for work.) and I can already feel its mojo working. With these things I can not eat for WEEKS! It is pharmie bliss I tell you.

God, I really need to do a 'background' post and tell you guys the details of my life but I just haven't the time for a long exposition right now so here are the bullet points that I'm comfortable sharing right now.

Height: 5'2 1/2"
Weight: EMBARASSING (I refuse to even type it.)
Age: Old enough that I should know better than to abuse my body the way I do...but I don't give a shit.
Location: Washington DC area, US
Occupation: I work in politics supporting and managing the life of a DC proverbial "mover and shaker". It occasionally pretty cool but I am easily the fattest person I know.

I appropriately have a college degree in theater, music, and history. Ha! What the hell am I doing in politics/business?? Well, that degree did give me the skills to be the consummate bullshitter. I never, and I mean never, show people who I really am. People think I have it all together. I know that I am a piece of shit. I am regularly bitchy and easily an ass-kisser when it serves me. Most of the time I just wish for death.

I'm not right in the head and don't think I have ever been. C'est la vie.

I'm just glad that my appetite is gone and I have you ladies' blogs to get me through the days.

God...I suck at intros.

Anyway...I have drugs! Yay! Now...I just have to arrange to get another script because I am getting married at the end of June and it.is.freaking.me.out. I need to lose a million pounds ASAP.

But I'll leave the details of my impending nuptials for another post.

Jeebus...this phentermine has me loopy. Woo hoo!

Okloveyouguysbye. *muah*


  1. Good luck with the pills! I heart drugs :) - well appetite suppresants anyway, hope they do wonders for you!

  2. i know this was a long time ago, but i'm curious how you managed to get the prescription?? and did you feel they worked and did indeed suppress your appetite? thanks A!