13 May 2009

Empty Wednesday

You ladies are the best. I can't state that enough. I've never come across a stronger and more supportive group. You keep me going. Thank you. <3

So yesterday was good, only the green smoothie. Today is another fasting day and I'm ready for it! Bring it on bitches!!

You may be wondering about my weight during the week but I only weigh myself weekly; first thing Saturday morning. I've tried the weigh myself everyday thing and it drove me to lunacy. Plus we have a fantastic clinical scale here at home, you know one of the tall metal ones like you would see in the gym or at your doctor's office with the movable weights. It is very accurate and because M rarely weighs himself I can just leave it sitting at my weight week to week. It is good because I can step on it and immediately tell if I have to adjust it upward to down. Moving the weigh down is the best feeling EVER. I am hoping to drop that baby several pounds this coming Saturday morning.

I have a lot of thinspiration coming up too. This Saturday morning I have a dress fitting. YIKE. And next weekend I am flying home to Michigan for my bachelorette party which is sure to be great! I even bought myself an outfit for the party that requires a 10lbs loss by then. So who is not eating? ME!

Alternate day fasting feels pretty good thus far. I am not hungry at all this morning. And yesterday sipping on the smoothie all day was no problem. Because of my commute I get home from work after 7pm and I skipped my workout and went straight to bed (I get up at 4:30am) which was good because you can't sneak to the kitchen if you are asleep right?? I hate to skip the after work exercise but I was too afraid that I would end up in the kitchen so I just went to bed.

Oh! And I've been reading a bunch of ED books. I read Wasted and The Best Little Girl in the World last week. I finished a collection of essays on ED titled Going Hungry yesterday. And today I am starting Purge. I have a lot of thoughts to share on these but I'll have to do it later because I need to get my fat ass in the shower. Do any of you read any ED books? I find them interesting and motivating. Is that completely sick or what?

Stay stong and stay hungry girls...always.

Oh, and if you are interested, here is a picture of my wedding dress!


  1. We're all completely sick :) but yea, I read them and enjoy them all. It's the same feeling I get reading every blog - makes me feel less alone & a little less crazy to know others share my twisted take on food and body

  2. Beautiful dress!! You will look stunning!