22 May 2009

Never satisfied

Two days of fasting - done.

I haven't done two consecutive days of fasting in a long long time. I think I could go farther. I want to go farther but I have a hell of a weekend in front of me. I'm going to have a protein shake and them I'm going into the city early to hit the gym before work. After work I am heading directly to the airport and then don't return home until Monday.

One thing that I am going to miss the most this weekend is my Saturday morning weigh-in. I live for it. But I'm so OCD that I feel like I can't weigh myself this morning because it is not Saturday. That means I'll have to wait another entire week. Gah! I should just go weigh myself now. Right? I've been doing pretty good this week and following a two day fast the number has to be good right? Plus my clothes feel loose so....aw fuck it, I'm going to weigh myself....brb......

I'm down 2 more pounds from last week.


I have the metabolism of a worm.

I really fucking feel like it should be more. I haven't eaten anything in two goddamn days.

Well, could be worse. I could be up 2lbs.

I'm am kicking my ass at the gym this morning. This weight is NOT coming off fast enough.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Stay strong. Stay hungry.


  1. 2lbs is still pretty awesome, but I understand that that you want to lose faster. I'm still stuck, but it's my own damn fault. Have fun this weekend!!

  2. 2lbs is okay, dear. it really is. I know that feeling ... you dont eat for days and nothing comes off. believe me, i've been there. 5 days fast and lost 1lbs only. so i think 2 lbs is really good!
    Maybe you should have just weighed yourself AFTER that monday? you would have lost another pound, certainly!
    hope you have fun this weekend!

  3. 2 pounds good job girl!!.......I'm afraid to step on the scalee

  4. This was my first two days of consecutive fasting too!...and i pushed myself extremely at the gym, we have a lot in common. 2 lbs is great compared to me who has lost nothing, so Good work! - but i understand that u just want a drastic change to motivate u.

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