16 May 2009

Happy...but not enough

So I'm down another 3lbs. Good.

But it would have been more if I'd worked out like I should have this week. I'm glad with the weight drop but mad at myself for settling for anything less than my best.

I have got to get moving a hell of a lot more.

My schedule is crazy but I can fit in more exercise. I will fit in more exercise. It could have been a 5lb drop this week if I wasn't such a lazy ass.

Well, I am taking a minute to be thankful for being down 3 more pounds and then I'm putting on my workout gear and kicking my ass.

I am feeling so motivated it's crazy.

I'm finished being fat.

Bring on the skinny!!

Love you guys. Stay hungry.


  1. hehe - bring on the skinny - it makes me think of people yelling out before a big dinner, bring on the feast (maybe that's just my farmer relatives, but it is said at big family gatherings....)

    I prefer the skinny, I think I'll pass my plate and wait for that :)

  2. I always think, "I COULD HAVE LOST FIVE POUNDS" but my body is INTENT on keeping it below that. I try for anymore than a certain amount, and BAM, plateau out like a BITCH.

    You're going to make it, and you're going to make it FAST! Or at least fast in the sense of everyone going, "WOW how'd you lose so much so quick?" because god knows it still feels like a FUCKING ETERNITY when you're the one losing XD

    Those clothes'll be falling off before you know it :3

  3. 3 lbs is something at least, but I can feel with you, it can awlays be more if you really push yourself :)

    We are all finished being fat, so pass on the message !

    Like your blog a lot ^^ I'm reading a lot of blogs, and most of them are really good. Eventhough I might not be that good of a blogger yet I still can feel the support you guys have for eachother. Just glad to be able to read your stuff :)

    Good luck!

  4. Good for you on the motivation! Yeah kiss that fat ass goodbye! lol What has it ever done for you! Good luck!

  5. Man, I think anything that involves potatoes is a weakness for me! Must be the Irish in me ;D

    Mmm sour cream & onion is my second favorite flavour of potato chips. Salt & vinegar is my first.

    Congrats on your 3 lbs loss, even though you weren't satisfied.