15 May 2009

There was an incident.

Yeah so um...there was an incident last night.

PrettyWreck - I think you were right on the money about mixing the phen with sleeping pills! I wish I had read your comment earlier. No good has come of it at all.

So last night I took a sleeping pill and still felt restless. Next thing I know, I'm in the kitchen with a bowl of red pepper hummus, some tabouli, and several handfuls of corn chips.


I woke up this morning still tasting salt on my lips.

Soooooo not cool.

I didn't drink all of my green smoothie yesterday and guestimating the calories from "the incident" I'm putting yesterday over 1000 cals. Maybe as high as 1500?


Oh well, so far this morning I've had several laxatives for breakfast. Yummmmmm. :)

I have a dress fitting at 3pm tomorrow. I refuse to eat until afterward. Also tomorrow morning is my weigh in and I need to see a lower number. Please, oh please, oh please, oh please. I mean, I feel like I've lost weight this week. I actually put on a skirt this morning for work and realized that it is too big and I looked ridiculous. Yay!! I can't wait until my clothes are falling off of me and I am forced to buy new suits for work. The good thing is that most of my business suits for work are cut pretty conservatively and I can probably wear them for awhile before I look too silly.

Okay I have to start working or my boss will kill me.

I am so grateful for you guys. *muah*

Stay strong and stay hungry...always.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, at least it was only like, 1500, instead of 4000 XD

    I can't wait to hear the results of the weigh in! I love when clothes get big :D