09 May 2009

Weekend?...I don't need no stinkin' weekend.

I am empty. It is good.

I wish I could just ride this feeling through the day but alas the weekend is upon me and social obligations must be fulfilled. It is my friend S's birthday and when she and I get together the margaritas flow like water. It's ridiculous. I saw her a couple of weeks ago and suggested some other (read: low cal) drink option but she wouldn't go for it. Margaritas and mexican food in general are our thing and it sucks. I swear that I can feel my thighs swell just thinking about it.

And of course I happily accepted more free avocadoes from the office yesterday because S loves them like I do and I promised to make her some authentic guac for the festivities tonight.

Margaritas and Guacamole = Calorie City.

I feel like I should stay home to exercise, read, and enjoy the emptiness. But I can't. My fiance and her boyfriend are best friends and they have all kinds of boy stuff planned for today. (Something to do with four wheelers and some Xbox live.)

The phen is working well and if I can keep my alcohol consumption in check then I will be okay. On the other hand, I am thinking that I should enjoy myself tonight and make tomorrow a fasting day. Actually, I am thinking about doing a regular alternate day fasting plan. Do you think that would work?

Monday - Fast
Tuesday - Eat (500 cal)
Wednesay - Fast
Thursday - Eat (500 cal)
Friday - Fast
Saturday - Eat (max 1000 cal to keep my metabolism going)
Sunday - Eat (500 cal)

What do you think? Would that work? I would be fasting 3 days a week which is doable. Or I could make Sunday a fasting day too but I'm worried about my metabolism slowing down. I need to lose this weight at a good clip. The wedding is June 27th. (Yikes!)

I'd love your input ladies. So please let me know that you think of the alternate day fasting plan.

Okay - I'm going to workout and do some cleaning.

Stay strong. Stay hungry.

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  1. i say fasting is always easier to do cumulatively... Fasting day on day off is the ideal way to do it if you've got the willpower but i know i find it much easier to push through several days at once as each day gives me momentum to continue. hope that helps!