26 May 2009

The Aftermath

Bachelorette Party = Calorie Madness

I am a cow.


I am a cow.
I am a cow.
I am a cow.
I am a cow
I am a cow.

I drank. I ate. I expanded.

Now, it is over.

I did, for no logical reason, have breakfast this morning but that is it. I am fasting until my Saturday morning weigh-in.

The weekend was great. My friends took me out and we had a fantastic time. I got ridiculously drunk. Apparently when you go out all dressed up wearing a veil and a feather boa people let in you places free and give you lots of free shots. Had I known this previously, I would have been wearing a veil out to the bar for years.

The last thing I remember on Saturday night is that they played "Dancing Queen" by Abba and I was so drunk that I thought that I was the Dancing Queen and threw my arms up and shimmied in the middle of the dance floor during the entire song. After Dancing Queen - everything is hazy. Apparently additional shots were consumed then they dragged me to the limo and took my ass home. Oh, and I may or may not have flashed someone from the limo. That detail has been hotly debated.

It was fun but thank heavens it is over.

No more food or alcohol for me.

I missed you guys. You motivate me tremendously. I was so happy to get back to reading your blogs this morning and I'm loving faz's weight loss competition. I'm signing right up!

Weight loss and eating issues did come up in discussion with a few friends and my sister on Friday night. My sister, of course, was completely dismissive and basically treated me like an idiot for talking about my drive to lose weight and the upcoming wedding in particular. It is like I am a freak for giving a damn how I look. I swear. I get so fucking sick of her dismissing things that I think are important. Whatever. I will happily be the skinny sister. She just pisses me off. I am pretty sure that she doesn't even like me. If we weren't sisters we probably wouldn't be friends.

I was incredibly happy that my friend S who lives out here in Maryland, traveled back home with me for the weekend. She was my partner in crime. I don't know what I would have done without her. We may not agree on everything but at least she doesn't treat me like an idiot.

Oh well, enough about that crap. I'm trying to get my skinny on!

From this moment until the Saturday morning weigh-in I plan on having only water and herbal tea. If I feel weak at any point I may throw in a small protein shake (max 300 cals). Also, I can't get to the gym today but tomorrow through Friday I'm getting up early to workout before I go into the office.

Stay strong. Stay hungry!


  1. Welcome back! So glad your weekend was fun, but I know what you mean about being ready to focus on thin again!

  2. well at least I wasn't the only drunk one this weekend...lol....good luck girl..you're doing fabolous

  3. sounds like you had a good weekend :D and a lot of alcohol!
    good to have you back and be able to read more from you :)

  4. Alcohol is the devil's beverage. I had one glass of wine the other night (maybe it was two) and realized I could actually eat anything I wanted, which ended up being an entire bag of craisins and this gargantuan bowl of popcorn. Which is actually kind of pathetic -- if you're going to binge, you should do it the way you did it, out with friends and dancing to ABBA.

    Try not to feel too guilty -- you can undo all the damage with just a few days of clean living.

  5. dude, it was your bachelorette party, cut yourself some slack, LOL! i'm glad you had such a great time. you'll get back on track in no time, i'm sure! stay strong darlin!

  6. I'm glad you had fun. Wow, I don't think I've ever been that drunk before. Maybe I'll try it one day. I'm just curious to see what it would be like to shimmer to Dancing Queen in a veil. Lol. Anyway, from now on we discard the binge, and move on with our lives. Stay motivated. Stay strong. Stay thin. =)

  7. Welcome back!
    My sisters and I have always been at odds XD I think for so many years they tried to make their "sister" rather than just me. I've always been the tom boy, the badass, the fighter, and the person who just...didn't fit their definition. I also am not capitalistic, rich, or either republican and/or extremely liberal in my politics, and I also had blue hair. I don't drink, I don't smoke pot, and I don't think cocaine is an acceptable social drug.

    It takes a while, but somehow, at least me and one of them are starting to get along. The other is off...being her somewhere, but I love her, and she has her head trips, but at least she's never passed judgment on me and I never would on her. We both have made our mistakes.

    Hope the fast goes great, and that sounds awesome XD I wish I could be in a limo again!
    And limbo? You LIMBOD? XD That's AMAZING.

    I...have been drunk a few times...and after I saw a picture....well...it's the reason I don't drink again XD I went to sleep with blond straight hair, and woke up looking like carrot tops ugly twin.

    NO JOKE.

    It was awesome XD!


  8. I know what you mean-- my sister and I are definitely not close. I'm 99.9% sure the problem is on her end, though... pretty much everyone but our parents have disowned her.

    ANYWAY, I'm trying to do something similar with the fasting / protein shake... though you're being a lot stricter than I am. Good luck :)