30 November 2009

Good riddance!

I am sooooooooooooo glad Thanksgiving is over that I could just cry.

It was horrible.

An absurd amount of food was presented. It was my first time having Thanksgiving with the in-laws and these people... I mean...one of his cousins brought 5 pies and a fucking cake!! (This is not to mention the two pies, nut rolls, molasses cookies, and peanut butter/chocolate/vanilla varieties of fudge that my mother-in-law made too!!!)

There were only 14 of us there!

The freaking dessert table was as packed as the dinner table. It was UNREAL. M looked like a stuffed pinata on the way home. No joke. I didn't offer him any food at all yesterday. Nothing. I'm terrible right?!

I ate. I purged in their upstairs bathroom. Ugh.

And then...oh, get this...the entire family returns on Friday to eat leftovers...and...wait for it... they brought MORE desserts!!!! W.T.F???

So far today I've had a green smoothie (150 cals) and a yogurt (120 cals).

I just haven't the heart to eat anything else.

I'm heading to the gym after work and doing my best to pull myself together before M's birthday celebration this coming weekend.

Be strong ladies.


24 November 2009


Dear Tuesday,

I am starting my day now and would like to remind you that
YOU ARE NOT MONDAY so please do not be sucking.

Thank you.

p.s. To my ladies...I love you dearly; I am freaking out about all the evil food coming on Turkey day; and the friend referred to in last post asked me to be in her wedding (Ha! I am so gonna lose this weight!)

And for the love of Prada...please stay away from the pumpkin pies!!!


20 November 2009

Thoughts on competition

Celebrity thinspo is great but let's be honest here. We are in greatest competition day-to-day with the women we see in our everyday lives.

Case and point:

I have a really good friend. She is awesome and I love her to pieces. I would do anything for her but kill. Seriously.

Although neither of us would ever ever EVER admit it we compete when it comes to weight loss. (I secretly think she was happy that I was a fat bride. Bitch.) Her boyfriend just proposed and now she is set to get married within the next year.

And you know what?

I have decided that I will be smaller then she is at her wedding. And I know she is going to drop some pounds so this will be GREAT motivation for me!

How sick am I?

1. I know that if I am thinner than her at her wedding it will make her feel like shit.
2. I am going to starve myself silly to make sure that I will be thinner than her at her wedding.
3. Thus, I am consciously deciding that I want to make her feel like shit at her wedding.

I feel like an outrageous bitch but this is the truth of my feelings.

I am seriously going to open a bar when I get to hell.

Ah well, Happy Friday my lovelies!

Don't eat.


19 November 2009

Good news!

I haven't binged in two days.

(Sad huh? That is what I currently deem as success.)

Ah well...

Yay me!!

Onto a 3rd day of binge free living baby! Woot!


17 November 2009

The road to hell.

Every morning I get up with a head full of good intentions.

Today, I will eat responsibility or fast successfully.
Today, I will shine light on my shadows and see myself as I am…and love me anyway.
Today, I will get to the gym and energize my body with movement.
Today, I will clean out my over-flowing in box at work.
Today, I will not drink alcohol.
Today, I will...

Who the fuck am I kidding??

Whoever said “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” was damn right.

I can’t seem to get the b/p under control. Some days are better then others but I am purging every day and the last few days have ended with some out of control binges. I feel horrible. I feel lonely. I feel tired and bloated and generally sad.

My life is far from terrible but I feel like I’m falling to an emotional abyss. I am terrified to tell anyone in my life what is really going on with me. I fear anyone seeing the real fucked up person that I am. I’m pretty convinced they will all leave me alone and fat anyway.

Pitiful huh?

C’est ma vie.

Well, I’ve taken a few laxies this afternoon and hopefully that will help with the bloat and I’m going to do a saltwater flush tomorrow to keep things moving. I am also going to go to the gym tonight after work to try to kick my ass both figuratively and literally.

This never ends does it?
Has anyone in the history of the world ever “won” this game??

Gah. I already want a drink.

Sorry for this bitchy post ladies. I just had to get this off of my chest.


16 November 2009

Escape to Gym Island!

I am leaving work early today to spend the afternoon in the gym.

Did I tell my boss this?  No.

However, my thighs have been put on notice that they will receive NO MERCY this afternoon.

I hate those fucking fat bitches.

Love you guys though!  :)


15 November 2009


Meet R....she has been liquid fasting for 22 days.

I wish like hell that I had that level of control right now.

14 November 2009

Out into the world.

I don't like to leave the house on the weekends. I would much rather sit in my house. 

I have a treadmill. 
I have coffee. 
I have M.
It is enough.

But alas, today is one of those Saturdays that makes me feel out of sorts.  I must be in the world today.

I went out to the gym this morning for a much needed bout on the elliptical machine.
I got coffee.
M is out modeling his tattoos.  (He has over 80 hours of amazing work covering his back and chest.)
I have to meet my girlfriend J at the movies at 2pm.  Then we are spending the afternoon together for "girl time".

There is food out there.
There is alcohol out there.
I can't control things out there.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not afraid of the world or anything it's just that I spend so much time during the week being "on" for everyone and everything.  My job demands that and it is exhausting.

The weekends are mine.  And I like them to be comfy and cozy inside. 
I like for the weekends to be empty...much like my stomach.

Fuck it. 
I am going to put on a cute sweater and bright lipstick and embrace the world out there.
(And probably consume a bottle or two of wine!)

Have a good day everyone!

13 November 2009


I've no desire to work today. And yet, I am stuck here.

I made some changes to the blog and put up a picture of my favorite thinspo, Yasmin Warsame. Sweet Jeebus I would KILL for her body.


My boss is on a plane returning from Asia and will hit the ground in the next two hours. Of course she will call me immediately thereafter and my life will be hell until 5pm at least.


All I can do is sit here and think of the sushi I intend to b/p on when I get home tonight. Washed away with some Chardonnay of course!

At least I haven't eaten a solid thing yet today.

That is a victory.
...Is that a victory?


xox...and I don't normally do the thinspo thing but these pictures of Yasmin are just too good...

12 November 2009

"You've really lost a lot of weight in the last year."

So I had my annual "chick" appointment this morning. (Make sure you get them if you can ladies...VERY important!)

I didn't remember until I was sitting in the waiting room that they were going to weigh me.


I panicked. I have been avoiding the scale like the plague because I can't take it. The numbers just fuel my madness. The number is never good enough, even if it is going down, and it just drives me to food and then depression. So I haven't weighed myself in months and have just been going by clothing size.

Clothes are getting too baggy = Yay!
Clothes are getting tight = Massive Depression

Happily, everything is baggy these days so I'm pleased.

Anywhoooo...I get on the scale and the number, which I can not bring myself to type, is smaller then I'd expected (Yay!) but far too high to be proud of (You fucking fat cow!). I'm feeling bad throughout the exam and near the end my doctor casually looks at my chart and then at me and says the most wonderful sentence I've ever heard...

"You've really lost a lot of weight in the last year."

I wanted to kiss her.

Because you know, I get so obsessed with right now that I forget the ocean for the waves.

She is right. I have lost a respectable amount of weight in the last year even though I am no where near my goal.

And just for today, I have decided to be happy with that.

The scale is moving in the right direction. And that is okay with me. :)

So far today nothing but coffee.


07 November 2009

Pulling myself together

You guys are wonderful.

Thanks for the support.

I feel better this morning. I've had a moment of zen or something. Whatever happened, I awoke feeling very in control. I haven't had this feeling for weeks. It feels damn good.

So, I'm on my second cup of coffee and planning to spend the day cleaning the house. We are getting together with friends tonight so I will have to eat and there will be alcohol but I can handle it. It is all I will consume for the day besides coffee and water.

I feel calmly aware of myself this morning. Accepting who I am, the good and the bad, and facing it head on.

Because deep down inside, away from the self-criticisms, away from the ED, away from the fears and anger...I know that I am worth loving.

Sometimes I fall down but I will never give up on me. Never.

Peace to you all and wishes for a productive day.

I do NOT know how to eat.

Okay, seriously...

I do not know how to eat.


When I do eat, I purge. Even if it is something "healthy".

When I don't eat, I think about eating and purging.

I have no concept of enjoying and digesting a "reasonable" meal.

Jesus Christ.

In the last two weeks almost everything I have consumed has been purged. Even when I've gone to the vegan restaurant around the corner. It is all fresh, vegan, and low calorie but I can not HELP but to purge it away.


I've resigned myself to my fate.

I will throw up until the weight stops dropping.

And then I will starve.


I do love you ladies so. Please don't think me too vain or too crazy.
You are the only ones that I think even begin to understand my madness.
I love you and appreciate you more then words can express.

04 November 2009

Africana on Eating

To eat means to agonize at all non-eating times about what could/should/would possibly go easily in and come easily up.

To eat means to ensure you have a large glass of water or better yet soda (the bubbles help!) on hand so that the liquid makes the purging less harsh.

To eat means to love ice cream and yogurts for they are smooth on the way in and on the way out.

To eat means to panic if you must go to a restaurant with co-workers at lunch who talk too damn much and always want to accompany you to the bathroom when you need to "freshen up"/lighten-up after you scarf down a sandwich at The Corner Bakery.

To eat means to hate yourself with each bite, to smile with each heave, and to sob at the end of each day.

To eat means to watch other people in absolute amazement when you pass them pushing their full grocery carts and realize that they actually intend to DIGEST all of that food!

To eat means to spend your money on bullshit that you have no intention of keeping down for longer then a few minutes, if you can help it.

To eat means to find a small bakery that specializes in the MOST devine cupcakes located a few blocks from your job, then to stop at said bakery one day and purchase a half dozen of the unbelievable beauties, delicately carry them on the subway, kiss your husband when you get home, go upstairs and gulp down all 6 cupcakes with a soda, immediately purge the lot, rinse the mouth, and then go down stairs to watch TV with hubby before bedtime.

To eat means to feel full only when you are convinced that you are completely or close to emptied.

To eat is torture.
To binge is madness.
To starve is devine.


03 November 2009

Being Africana

I've neither gained nor lost a pound.

I'm throwing up almost every thing I eat every day.

Work is completely insane right now.

Husband is awesome sauce.

I want cats...asap.

The fucking mini-milkyway bars out at the reception desk are taunting me.

I hate that I have to go to lunch today with co-workers.

I love my treadmill.

My period ends tomorrow....THANK GOD.

I miss you ladies and hope you are all doing well.