09 May 2009

Summer Challenge 2009

Okay...I'm totally late and probably not doing this right. You see, I am far to embarrassed to tell you all exactly how old and fat I am. It's just too much to bear. Nevertheless, I am participating in PrettyWreck's Summer Challenge 2009.

Age: 30-something (I stopped counting)
Current Weight: 185 (please kill me now.)
Goal Weight Loss: 135 (by Aug 10th)
Personal Goal: To go on at least 5 long hikes (20+ miles) this summer.
Biggest Challenges: To stay motivated in the face of my impatience. I want to be thin NOW.

My week has been good so far. Yesterday was a fasting day. Only water, herbal teas and 3 small altoids. Total calories 1.5. (Yes!) This morning I made a green smoothie with kale, bananas, flaxseed meal, and maca for a total of 457 calories. I watered it down and will sip on it all day at work. Then nothing tonight when I get home.

Work has been crazy. There is a bunch going on in DC as always.

I just wanted you ladies to know that I'm alive and I'm in it to thin it!

Stay strong and stay hungry...always.


  1. We all feel your impatience, but keep in mind that time will pass no matter what you are doing and wouldn't you rather be working towards thin than wake up in August and be as heavy as you are today?

  2. When I started on here, April 1st, I was 183. When I started losing weight all together, I was at 197. REmember, I had lost weight a bit before that too. I'm 4'11 and was up to 200lb at one point. You don't need to be embarrassed. Not here.

    I was at first, but it's amazing how many girls on this community are so supportive. You'll be able to get past this, and there are plenty of people who are where you are now, and others who were. It was a tooth and nail battle to get down from there into the 170's, then the 170's to the 60's, and now I'm fighting this too.

    You'll do this. You've taken the first step. You're digging in your heels.

    I understand impatience. It's never enough. It's not fast enough. But if you don't have patience, you'll never be thin at all. When I get there, I won't ever have to worry about this again. I'll find a way to maintain it. I want to be at 100-103lb, but I know that if I gain, I'll only ever get up to 120 again and I can stop it then. I'll be able to be in control then, and stay thin. I don't mind fighting back down from 120lb. That's different from fighting down from 190 or 180.

    It's a long road. You're not alone. We all start at some point. Don't be embarrassed about your age or weight or any of it.

    We're here for you. You're in a place that's very accepting, and you'll find you'll get a lot of support here.

    And look at this way--the more you lose, the more amazing the before and after shots will be!