05 January 2010

Alive and still kicking...

It started NYE morning with a tickle in my throat.  By 8pm that evening I had a fever.


I have been sick ever since.  I was a mess all through last weekend.  I couldn't start my 2010 plan because M is very attentive when I'm ill.  He spoils me silly.  Which means lots of hot tea, movies and snuggling but also he believes in "feeding a cold".  So I ate tomato soup (which I'm sure he cooked with milk like he usually does!) and he even made me eat a grilled cheese sandwich on Sunday because he said I wasn't going to get better just from soups and teas.  I also nibbled on snacks that were crunchy and delicious but will remain nameless in case someone else gets triggered by salty foods like I do.

I still think I lost a couple of pounds though because my suit skirt is a bit lose today! :)

So I'm finally back at work this morning and feeling a bit better although my voice sounds terrible from all the coughing.  I had a small green smoothie this morning (spinach, fat free vanilla yogurt and blueberries ~ max 200 cals) and I'm planning on fasting the rest of the day away.  I am going to try and pick up the plan where it stands and do just a protein shake tomorrow and a full fast on Thursday and Friday.

I can't wait until the pounds start dropping and I get the emptiness 'high'!

Happy New Year girls!  I hope to catch up on work and your blogs today.



  1. Aww sorry to hear you were sick and sorry to hear M was feeding you, haha. He sounds so sweet though, glad he was there to take care of you and that you are feeling better now.

    I am beyond ready to fast today as well. I had just a small glass of warm soymilk this morning but your smoothie sounds so much better. I bought a new juicer over the holidays... maybe we can swap some recipes, hehe. :)

    I'll be thinking of you today and stay strong like I know you can!!!


  2. the only good thing about being sick is that losing weight seems to happen no matter what you eat lol. im still sick with what sounds like the same thing you had, i just think i have a weak immune system or something.
    its nice that he took care of you while you were sick,(so jealous)i have to practically beg C to come within 10 ft of me while im sick lol. hes afraid of my cooties.
    stay strong, that smoothie sounds yummy :)


  3. I was awful sick during New Year's too. *hugs*