25 January 2010


I had a lousy weekend.  It was the end of a week long terrible mood.  Although my eating wasn't too terrible, it was far from stellar.

Plus, on Saturday night I stayed  home and sulked which was not good.  M and I were invited to a party that I really wanted to attend but there was a good chance that J (the one who shafted me for thousands of dollars over the car I "sold" her) was going to be there and I know that if I was to see here, especially if alcohol was involved, that I probably would have drop kicked her ugly ass on sight.

So yeah, I stayed home and M went without me.

I was pissed.

Sometimes I really hate people.


Anyway, the only good thing that came out of my sullen mood this weekend was the drive I took to the gym.

I fucking worked out like a CHAMP this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday was the best!  I spent 4 hours at the gym which ended with the most intense spinning class I've ever conquered.  It was a new teacher and he was brutal.  I fucking loved every minute of it as I cursed his soul to hell with each twist of the gears.

I am sore as hell today...and oh so very happy.  Like, ridiculously happy!

I feel a round of exercise mania coming on and me likey!!

I go through periods of exercise mania several times a year.  It's awesome.  I can't stay out of the gym.  Sometimes I'll workout before work, at lunch, and after work.  I don't know what brings them on or why I can't seem to maintain them forever.  It usually lasts 6-10 weeks and I just ride the wave to weight loss and a better looking ass.  :)

I couldn't hit the gym this morning because I had to be in the office early but the gym bag is packed and I'm planning on spending a couple of hours there tonight.  I can't wait!

Plus, today is a fasting day which I think think I can handle.  I've brought  a protein shake just in case I need a little something before I workout but I'm going to try to avoid it if I can.  I want to end this day with no/little calories in and many many calories burned.

And I'm seriously considering taking a "sick day" tomorrow and spending the day at the gym.

How fucking awesome would that be?

Stay lovely ladies!!


  1. I so wish you had gone to the party and drop-kicked J's ass. it might have been the reality check she needed.

    I think I also get bouts of 'exercise mania' where I live at the gym and can't get enough... although sometimes in the high of the exercise mania (because I'm usually fasting and restrictin) I wonder why someone doesn't come and stop me... i mean it's not NORMAL to be able to exercise for 3-4 hours every day!!! yet no one says a thing... lucky for us.

    DO you ever feel like any of the personal trainers are 'onto you'? There is one trainer at my gym who i think knows I have a 'problem'. I think he knows or else I'm just paranoid.

    I also go to different gyms & workout at home/outside to not appear to be frequenting the gym too often.

    ~Stay strong

  2. Oh, to be obsessed with the gym. I wish. I can't see that every happening to me. It's cool that you just want to go right now and it doesn't feel like forced labor. Oh, and I would be so pissed to see the chick that screwed me over on the car. I still can't believe that crap!!

  3. gah i wish i had bouts of mania...no fair
    lol , thats great that you can get so pumped for the gym. and i have to agree with r harlow that you should have kicked her ass.
    well, in costume so that you didnt get arrested.
    you could have gone dressed as a ninja...that would have been pretty kick ass...

    or maybe im just lame like that?..
    oh well, sounds like your doing fabulous. keep up the good work.

  4. I sometimes take "sick" days and I am off work for couple of days.
    I call those days "Day for me" - exercising, cosmetics, shopping, walking, making a new hair dress etc.
    It's good for the mood :-)

  5. Exercise mania...That's friggin' awesome! :) Today marks the third day in a row that I've stayed away from the gym. Fail. I'm always there, at least once a day, sometimes more, and always for at least an hour at a time. I figured out that I can burn about 700 or 800 calories on the treadmill in a little over an hour, just walking about 4 mph uphill (highest elevation). It's awesome. But...the last few days it was depression that kept me home...that, and bingeing. Of course, those two are interrelated for me. Today, my *excuse* is that I'm sick. I know that the me of a few weeks ago would have said "fuck this sore throat and congestion, I'm working out HARDER!" but today I'm so weak and tired and sick, and I hate it...And so I'm sitting here during my two hour break at school, typing away and about to go eat some yogurt (to help with the weakness, hopefully) instead of working out. But my calorie control is much better today than it has been as of late, and that makes me optimistic.

    I guess I should stop typing now. :P Novel, anyone? I'm so proud of you and excited for you as well. Have a badass time at the gym, love! You're beautiful.

  6. Oh, for exercise mania =)

    I'm going to go work my butt off on the elliptical. We'll be the calorie-busting, ass-kicking maniacs for today, yes?

  7. Hi love, I have missed you and have been so busy but of course, have been thinking of you!! And bring on the exercise mania! I'm right there with you. :D

    Sorry about the lousy weekend, but I am really glad you're feeling happier in your mood. I wished last week I could have helped you out so much, so it's a relief to see your spirits are lifted.

    Did you actually go through with the sick day today?! Sounds like it'd be amazing, if so. :)

    Sending you mass amounts of hugs and strength!!!


  8. Youre so lucky. I wish I could get bouts of gym mania. Sadly I hate working out everyday of the year :[

    And thank you so much for your comment :D

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3