15 January 2010

Cranky McCrankypants

Life in DC is as insane as ever and I am seriously cranky these days...which I think is due to the very low cals.


I am swamped at the office but just wanted to let you all know that I'm sending you good vibes and hoping to enjoy a long empty weekend with several sessions at the gym thrown in for good measure.

Oh...and I saw this today and thought it would make you guys giggle...

love you guys!!


  1. Hahaha.. girl, my grandmother actually frequently wore a t-shirt with that saying on it when I was a kid. I forgot all about it until seeing this pic.

    I am right there with you for mood, though. I have been dreadfully down and pessimistic this week too.

    I hope your boss isn't being a dick and I hope you'll get a chance to relax your lovely self this weekend, once you get out of work.

    Smile because you're amazing and inspiring.

    Lots of love


  2. Miss cranky mccrankypants, I bet being angry and all worked up burns more calories than relaxing and being happy so keep it up lol.
    hang in there x