12 January 2010

The latter

There are 'good days' and 'bad days' so they say.

This is one of the latter.


Work sucks.

Boss is driving me CRAZY.

Ate 5 M&Ms due to stress.


Fiercely fighting desire to binge when I get home tonight.

Planning instead to take a sleeping pill before I pull out of the commuter lot with hopes that I'll be droopy-eyed-drowsy by the time I walk through the front door.

Or I may be so sleepy that I crash my truck on the drive home.

Either way...I will not have eaten.


xoxoxox ...love you guys...hope to catch up on the blogs later this week...



  1. resist the binge. you CAN do it.

  2. Argh sorry to hear about your boss. More stress is not what you need!

    I wish we could text each other sometimes for immediate support. I am also struggling today.

    Sending you all my strength and love.

    Be well, gorgeous.


  3. Yeh, its a win/win situation.... but if you dont make it home in one piece, how am i, and the rest of us, going to cope without your blog?? ???? ;)
    hope your ok x hang in there

  4. Did I ever mention that your blog name is sometimes just a perfect inspo for me? That is the battle in my brain daily.. control is the goal... FOR REAL!
    Just glad you're here! LOL. I need some control though as of late! :P

  5. Throw the M&Ms at your boss, and make yourself nice relaxing cup of tea. Don't binge! Read Lolcats until 3am! You'll be laughing so hard the urge to binge will be loooooong gone!

    Good luck, Afri darling. I know you are strong enough to resist <3

  6. Hey gorgeous!

    It seems that in all of my disarray of mind I neglected to answer your tattoo questions in a couple of your comments...Sorry! :( But I'm here now. :D

    The combination treble and bass clefs (only reversed 'cuz I took the pic in a mirror) just symbolize my overall love of music (in addition to my undeniable band-nerdiness from back in the day). :)

    My new ones...TODAY!...will be (1) a triple goddess symbol on the inside of my right wrist and (2) "Stay Lovely" on the inside of my left upper arm, next to my Isis. It'll be reversed so I can read it in the mirror.

    So stoked. Gonna be stellar. Hope you're well, talk to you soon!