05 January 2010

A Quick Rant

Dear Co-Workers (especially the s.o.b. that put all of the cookies and lemon squares in the breakroom):


Please stop bringing your fucking comfort food into the office!!

Thank you.


  1. LOL!!! Lucky for me it seems all of the junk has stopped pouring in. Hope your co workers get the memo.

  2. That picture is hilarious!

    Sorry you've been sick lately. Some way to start the new year, right? It doesn't sound like your eating was toooo bad though, and congratulations on your weight loss/loose clothing!

    Stay lovely! And yes of course you can spread that around!

  3. haha yes! Good job resisting, girl. We are staying strong!! ;)


  4. Fucking cows! I start work on Monday and I'm really hoping it will help me shed weight by keeping me busy and away from food. But there are always those potential fat bitches who might mess it up for me... fingers crossed there won't be!

    I can't wait til you can start your plan! I'm so excited to see how it goes because it sounds fucking FABULOUS!


  5. OK! exactly! I went into work today and there was a PAN, and I mean a HUGE baking pan FULL of Hersheys assorted foil wrapped chocolates dumped into it! Just hanging out.. all day.. I had to walk past them like.. 50 times? or more... I didn't eat one! Take that little foil covered pieces of s$%T!

    Good luck at work - wouldn't it be funny if you secretly threw away their little pans of happiness when no one was looking?

  6. hahaha, i love funny cat pictures. im obsessed with them ,if im not careful ill end up turning into the crazy cat lady..
    gah dont people just suck.i dont see how anyone can still be cooking that junk after all the junk served at christmas. people are just gross lol.
    stay strong

  7. I hear you! i find as long as I have my own "safe" foods/herbal teas with me at work, i don't feel the need to eat the treats.

  8. I totally feel you there. Read my blog from a few days ago...And it happened again TODAY!

    But, in all fairness, I'm reading this blog late and it is kind of a holiday season here right now....MARDI GRAS!! King Cake all over the place.