07 January 2010


Wow.  I am totally humbled.

I love you guys like I love zero calories.

'Nuff said.  :D

Okay so today I have consumed a green smoothie (1 cup spinach, 1 cup fat free vanilla yogurt, 1 cup blueberries) and that is all expect for some water and tea.  I am very happy about that.  I'm looking at 319 calories total so far.

But can I admit something here...I almost had a total binge breakdown about an hour ago.  I wanted to go get some lunch (totally fattening chinese food) at this place across the street. (Planning to purge it of course)
I couldn't stop thinking about it.  And then,  I looked down at my thighs...
took a huge gulp of water...
a deep breath...
and the feeling passed.

Before it could resurface I took a break from working and started reading some of your blogs and now my strength has returned...ten fold!

You guys are lifesavers; the calorie free kind!!

So, 99 followers huh?


I can only hope to give each of you just a bit of the support, laughs, shared tears and triumphs that you give so freely to enrich my days.



  1. good job on resisting. its one small step at a time :)

  2. Good job on stopping, thinking, and fighting that urge. Congrats on having 99 followers. Pretty cool.

  3. congrats on resisting chinese food. i dont have that willpower lol. stays strong


  4. *Hugs* Chinese takeaways are naaaaasty. Good on you!

    You are awesome hun. You deserve 99bazillion followers, but I guess you'll have to make do with us :p

  5. You're AMAZING!!! Remember that you overpowered that binge. And the best part... no one can take this from you : if you can do it once, you can do it again.

    When do you guys leave for the dreaded trip, tonight? I definitely have you in my thoughts. I know you'll be strong!!

    Lots of love


  6. Aww, love, I don't mind at all if you steal my tattoo ideas. :P Better yet, let's call it "sharing" tattoo ideas. ;)

    Concerning the goddess symbol... I'm nonreligious nowadays, but back in highschool and a little beyond, I was actually Wiccan, and loved it. I consider myself agnostic now, but I hold such deep respect and reverence for what I consider to be my own personal goddess deities that I thought I'd mark up my wrist in homage to them. ;)

    And you're right, it feels fantastic to be back at my pre-holiday weight so soon after coming home...but I'm not done yet! Can't get complacent. I came home from the gym positively starving and experienced my very own near-binge experience. I was able to back away from that ledge just in time (after consuming a healthy 220 calories...fine with that). :)

    I'm off to work 'em off! :)

    Love the Lifesavers comment. Cute!


  7. i'm #100. now, where's my prize? ;P


  8. :p Motivation is right at the end of your arm. It's your hand holding a whiteboard pen or slowly erasing something from the list with a fingertip.

    I'm going to see avatar again on Tuesday. I'm taking Miles :D I can't wait to hear what you think of it! The Na'vi have AH-MAY-ZING bodies, but their lifestyle fully explains it. Why the hell can't WE live like that?!

  9. That smoothie sounds amazing. I so have to try it sometime.
    Thats great that you totally said no to the binge. Im horrible when it involved chinese food :[

    Stay strong!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3