18 January 2010

We come and go.

I know that this blogger "community" is always growing, changing, and modifying in size.

I know that we are ultimately all strangers.

I know that we are all on different paths; we are all in different places in our lives; we are joined by something that drives us to various levels of distraction and also destruction.

And yet, although I know all of this logically, my heart connects to you each.

I know what it is like to feel so much and use this outlet to cull through my emotions and hopefully find some camaraderie with those who understand.

That's why I feel sad when people go.

Even when I know it is probably the best for them.


Together we come
This place fills with honesty
We leave behind truth


  1. im the same way, i know that i should be happy when girls leave to get help but i cant help but feel sad. i truly feel that even though i will never meet anyone on here,that we are all a family of sorts. we all understand each others pain and are able to connect on such a deep level. i think most of that is due to the fact that we dont have to be afraid of judgment here.we can be completely honest and free on here with our emotions. and every time we fall there are friends like you who will pick us up, dust us off, and tell us we can make it.
    i honestly dont know how i would have gotten through this without all of the girls on here.
    stay strong

  2. i couldn't agree more. i am never more honest than when i am blogging and i dont care if it turns out that none of you even exist, in the moment i feel like i am a part of a community.

  3. i'm the exact same way. this blogging system is how i can keep sane through all of this madness.

  4. Ahh you are reading my mind. I was just thinking I don't know if I'd ever really leave or stop checking on you girls even if I reached and maintained my goal weight some day (lol). Seriously though, like you said, it's somewhere we can be honest and just to have a mutual understanding together on such a difficult, lonely and painful disorder... it is truly invaluable.

    So much love for you, my inspiration, my support, my amazing friend!!!!