17 January 2010

Mood, Movies, and Spin Class

My mood is a bit all over the place today.

And it is only 10:30am....NOT a good sign.


I've been cranky, happy, snuggly, annoyed, excited, solemn, and content....all in the last two hours!


I need more to my life.  Sometimes I wonder if M and I should have children just so I stop obsessing over my damn self.  Then of course I realize that I shouldn't have children because I can't stop obsessing over my damn self!


M and I are heading out for a double feature afternoon today.  I want to see Daybreakers (I'm totally in to freaky vampire horror movies...especially if they star Ethan Hawke who I find oddly sexy in many many ways.) and then we are going to see The Book of Eli because Denzel Washington makes me want to throw my panties at the screen.  (Sorry for the TMI!)

God bless M for letting me drool over my favorite celebs.  He's a good hubby even though I almost embarass him when we see anything with Jason Statham in it.  (Jason Statham is TEH HAWT to me.)  Speaking of:

Woo!!!  I know he is not everyone's type but sweet jebus he is the epitome of rugged sexuality to me.  And that body!  Oh God.

Okaaayyyyyy, drooling over.

Yesterday morning I went to a spin class. It KICKED MY ASS.  I am so sore today.

Of course I'm going to go again tomorrow.  I hate my thighs with a passion unknown.

Alrighty...not much else going on in my world.  I'm just a woman trying not to eat.



  1. Yummy pics! LOL :)

    Children -
    I can say, that having children IS a distraction from yourself.. for a little bit! Possibly about 12 to 15 years before they start acting like they don't need you.

    I do have an easier time staying away from Mia because of the girls, and it does force you to live a bit more normal with your eating.. PLUS, when kids are your own, and not other people's.. they are so cute and cuddly and loveable.

    I NEVER thought I'd want kids until I ended up pregnant, but WOW it changed my thoughts on kids in general..
    I still grumpy towards random brats in the grocery store who are screaming... but I try hard to make sure my kiddos are respectful little buggers so they are not like that! HA

  2. lol obsessed much??
    I read once about an Anorexic girl who had a baby and by the age of 5 she was restricting her daughters eating- to one small meal a day- wtf. She was so scared of her daughter being overweight!
    oh spin class, mybest friend;)
    hope you're doing ok, enjoy the movies x

  3. i loved the book of eli, then again i love pretty much any end of the world type movie. and yeah there may have been some panty throwing on my part at the theaters when denzel popped onto the screen lol.
    i personally didnt like kids till i had my own. the hardest thing might be getting used to eating well again. if you get pregnant the average woman needs to consume about 300 extra cals (on average about 1900-2500 cals a day) in the last 6 months of pregnancy.
    so that might be a bit hard to get used to, then again you would have the first 3 months to get used to eating normal agian. and it would be worth it :)
    stay strong
    dont worry about the mood swings , ive had all of those emotions in the past 10 minutes lol.

  4. I don't even know what to say about Jayne's comment! Except I am certain that Africana, nor any of us, would ever impose our shameful and damaging habits on to our children.

    Like Emi said, it is a joyful thing and actually makes us much less selfish and much more careful and less wreckless <3

    Anywaysss, thanks for the hot pics, haha. I am drooling here, I share your crush, Ms. A. ;)

    Hope you had a nice weekend and are enjoying the day off today!! Lots of love and hugs. Stay sensational!!!