30 November 2009

Good riddance!

I am sooooooooooooo glad Thanksgiving is over that I could just cry.

It was horrible.

An absurd amount of food was presented. It was my first time having Thanksgiving with the in-laws and these people... I mean...one of his cousins brought 5 pies and a fucking cake!! (This is not to mention the two pies, nut rolls, molasses cookies, and peanut butter/chocolate/vanilla varieties of fudge that my mother-in-law made too!!!)

There were only 14 of us there!

The freaking dessert table was as packed as the dinner table. It was UNREAL. M looked like a stuffed pinata on the way home. No joke. I didn't offer him any food at all yesterday. Nothing. I'm terrible right?!

I ate. I purged in their upstairs bathroom. Ugh.

And then...oh, get this...the entire family returns on Friday to eat leftovers...and...wait for it... they brought MORE desserts!!!! W.T.F???

So far today I've had a green smoothie (150 cals) and a yogurt (120 cals).

I just haven't the heart to eat anything else.

I'm heading to the gym after work and doing my best to pull myself together before M's birthday celebration this coming weekend.

Be strong ladies.



  1. christ that sounds terrible. Its times like that when moderation seems so hopeless that purging is just a necessary evil. hopefully the memory of the gluttony keeps you on track in the coming days! xx

  2. thats a lot of temptation.

    you'll feel better after the gym.

  3. eek lulu is right purging is a sometimes just a necessary evil

    why would he need to bring 5! pies ?

  4. Ugh... why so many fcking desserts?! It's like they know, like the universe knows - and they all want us to fail.

    You are doing great calorie-wise and you kick so much ass at the gym. I wish we lived close so we could go together!

    I'll definitely have you on the brain this week as I'm getting back into my beloved emptiness.


  5. F-f-f-f-five pies? This is it! I don't believe there is such a thing as "normal" eating. Game over man!

  6. wow...it mut have been hard. But trust me I am hispanic so I know about 5 pies and lots of arroz con pollo lol

  7. Thanksgiving is such a disgusting holiday. The binge eaters sure come out of the closet don't they!