14 November 2009

Out into the world.

I don't like to leave the house on the weekends. I would much rather sit in my house. 

I have a treadmill. 
I have coffee. 
I have M.
It is enough.

But alas, today is one of those Saturdays that makes me feel out of sorts.  I must be in the world today.

I went out to the gym this morning for a much needed bout on the elliptical machine.
I got coffee.
M is out modeling his tattoos.  (He has over 80 hours of amazing work covering his back and chest.)
I have to meet my girlfriend J at the movies at 2pm.  Then we are spending the afternoon together for "girl time".

There is food out there.
There is alcohol out there.
I can't control things out there.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not afraid of the world or anything it's just that I spend so much time during the week being "on" for everyone and everything.  My job demands that and it is exhausting.

The weekends are mine.  And I like them to be comfy and cozy inside. 
I like for the weekends to be empty...much like my stomach.

Fuck it. 
I am going to put on a cute sweater and bright lipstick and embrace the world out there.
(And probably consume a bottle or two of wine!)

Have a good day everyone!


  1. wow I can't believe how much you are describing how I feel right now. It is 2:00pm here, and I have to hang out with a friend at 3pm, and I am still in my pajamas and do not want to go anywhere at all!

    Hope you have a good time once you get out there and are able to stay strong.

    have fun! and don't feel guilty about wine... it doesn't count on Saturdays. ;)

  2. Miss A,

    I'm glad to see you went out, I hope you're having a great time!

    You're so right about the weekends, they're really the time we can stay home, be ourselves and relax in our own way. As you said, during the week days, it's seriously exhausting giving excuses, dodging everything, etc.

    M's tattoos, wow! that is hot, hehe. :)

    Hope you're enjoying your day, love. be strong! hugs

  3. A friend of mine cancelled for dinner tonight and I was actually glad. Meant I could stay in with my laptop, my book, and eat my safe sandwich. Yeah, it's so much safer and cozier at home. No temptation. It is GOOD to get out and interact with people and friends. I have to remind myself of that sometimes but its true.

  4. soooo... did you get a cat?!

    (sorry, i'm just catching up on your blog. i know i have been absent, trying to keep balanced and focused on the goal of learning to enjoy food again... its rough going).

    thanks for the compliment on my Mimi-kitty, she makes me so happy! she is next to me purring as we speak. cats really do make everything better :)

    visit with Mom and Josh is going great though, thanks for commenting!

    take care darling, enjoy your day out xox.

  5. hey darling i was also dragged out of my flat this weekend - so instead of working out at home and fasting i had to hang out with ppl, laugh and yes consume lots of evil food but you know what - it was FUN :)