13 November 2009


I've no desire to work today. And yet, I am stuck here.

I made some changes to the blog and put up a picture of my favorite thinspo, Yasmin Warsame. Sweet Jeebus I would KILL for her body.


My boss is on a plane returning from Asia and will hit the ground in the next two hours. Of course she will call me immediately thereafter and my life will be hell until 5pm at least.


All I can do is sit here and think of the sushi I intend to b/p on when I get home tonight. Washed away with some Chardonnay of course!

At least I haven't eaten a solid thing yet today.

That is a victory.
...Is that a victory?


xox...and I don't normally do the thinspo thing but these pictures of Yasmin are just too good...


  1. Omg~ Her body is quite lovely.. Her face is gorgeous too, Wow!

    Anyway... I hope your Friday gets better :))
    Just keep thinking.. weekend! :))

    Take care <333


  2. the picture you put on your sidebar is AMAZING!!!!

    & the rest are pretty too :)

    hope your afternoon doesn't turn to shit when the boss gets back, mine disappeared at 12 so it's been quiet ever since.

  3. Yes! Your sidebar pic is BEAUTIFUL! I love the other thinspo as well :)

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better it IS Friday the 13th after all :P

  4. Oh! and I saw your comment on my Thanksgiving post.. OMG.. we are both going to be stuck in PA with food freaks! I wish us both luck.. I'm still plotting a bit. I was thinking about telling a sister in law that I was trying to be all healthy and stuff, and I will bring "some" of my own food so I can eat light, while giving the impression I'm being all good and healthy (she is all into dieting all the time, but she goes all health nutish and eats a ton of protein). I was planning on getting some 80 calorie yogurts and fruits and have them for lunches, HIDE during breakfast and or shower and pretend I already ate earlier, and dinners? Oh dear lord.. it's ALL comfort food down on the farm, so I don't know what to do.. I wish they had a DOG! then I'd feed it my dinner! ha ha! I need a dinner plan and I think I'll actually EAT on Turkey day, just small portions.
    We have 1 more week!!! O_o

  5. cheers for the thinspo, very nice.

    hope you have a good weekend, I am at work, on a friday night, untill 6am in the morning, now that is baaad. My goal for the night is to just drink water and chew gum, wish me luck and have a good weekend.

    thanks for the thinspo. made my day. :)


  7. gorg thinspo... thank you.