20 November 2009

Thoughts on competition

Celebrity thinspo is great but let's be honest here. We are in greatest competition day-to-day with the women we see in our everyday lives.

Case and point:

I have a really good friend. She is awesome and I love her to pieces. I would do anything for her but kill. Seriously.

Although neither of us would ever ever EVER admit it we compete when it comes to weight loss. (I secretly think she was happy that I was a fat bride. Bitch.) Her boyfriend just proposed and now she is set to get married within the next year.

And you know what?

I have decided that I will be smaller then she is at her wedding. And I know she is going to drop some pounds so this will be GREAT motivation for me!

How sick am I?

1. I know that if I am thinner than her at her wedding it will make her feel like shit.
2. I am going to starve myself silly to make sure that I will be thinner than her at her wedding.
3. Thus, I am consciously deciding that I want to make her feel like shit at her wedding.

I feel like an outrageous bitch but this is the truth of my feelings.

I am seriously going to open a bar when I get to hell.

Ah well, Happy Friday my lovelies!

Don't eat.



  1. it happens to everyone.
    i feel the same way about my bff.

  2. haha - completely understand this kind of motivation, it's kind of normal

    eh, but it isn't like you are directly trying to ruin her day, like kick her cake onto the floor or attempt to screw the groom, right? so go for it! lose that weight :)

    ...& I'll be ordering a few rounds when I get to hell...

  3. OK - i feel the SAME way! And not to be mean, but I have done it to my own sister.. I feel awful.. but... Yeh, I totally get it!

  4. Real talk! I'll be waiting at the bar already with a couple of shots lined up for us! I am so guilty of my motivation being spite-driven as well. ;)


  5. Unless you blatantly point it out to her (not that you'd need to) than you are doing nothing wrong. If she's bigger than you at her wedding that's her own fault, not yours. Or maybe I'm just a bitch too. (jk) :)

  6. Will you need some staff at that bar? :)

  7. haha. just found your blog.

    I had a dream the other night that this stupid bitch got the promotion I wanted so I trashed the entire office and told her I hated her. Anyway, yes, I feel you. Stay strong.

  8. 1) You were NOT a fat bride. Just heavier than you wanted to be.

    2) Behind-the-hugs-and-smiles cutthroat competition is an integral part of all real friendship -- I honestly don't think it's possible to be friends with a person who's either totally superior or totally inferior to you. In the first case, you just end up feeling like shit around them all the time, and in the second you have no respect for them.

    Out of conflict comes growth and all that.

    Starve on, darling.

  9. Hey girl just saying hello and thinking of you. hugs!