03 November 2009

Being Africana

I've neither gained nor lost a pound.

I'm throwing up almost every thing I eat every day.

Work is completely insane right now.

Husband is awesome sauce.

I want cats...asap.

The fucking mini-milkyway bars out at the reception desk are taunting me.

I hate that I have to go to lunch today with co-workers.

I love my treadmill.

My period ends tomorrow....THANK GOD.

I miss you ladies and hope you are all doing well.




  1. Oh wow!!! I had my mouth up to this mini milky way bar as I read this! AK! Just one though.. and then I'm exercising!It's like the tiny version of the regular mini one.. not sure what they are called.. but wow.. not eating lunch was worth it!

    My Husband is also awesomesauce.. last night he said he just wanted to hug me :)
    You are very lucky to have an awesome one as well!

  2. i try not to count my weight till im off my period, (kind of a grace period), because i know that i hold ALOT of water weight. you sound like your doing great though, probably just at a plataeu. if anything try tossing around the number calories you eat in a week to jumpstart your metabolism. good luck and stay strong.


  3. Yeah, the purging has gotten a little excessive here too. Too bad I keep thinking stupid things like, "Well, you might as well eat a bunch of halloween candy because you're just going to throw up that apple anyway," because I wouldn't HAVE to throw up the apple if I didn't follow it up with a bunch of candy. Except I probably would throw up the apple anyway.

    You should get cats. They seriously make life worth living. Whenever I consider taking drastic action, I remember my furry little darlings and I realize I can't trust anyone else to treat them as well as I do.


  4. Bleh, period time is the worst.

  5. omg candy is my guilty pleasure!! trong!! And easy on the purging honey