24 November 2009


Dear Tuesday,

I am starting my day now and would like to remind you that
YOU ARE NOT MONDAY so please do not be sucking.

Thank you.

p.s. To my ladies...I love you dearly; I am freaking out about all the evil food coming on Turkey day; and the friend referred to in last post asked me to be in her wedding (Ha! I am so gonna lose this weight!)

And for the love of Prada...please stay away from the pumpkin pies!!!



  1. i plan on getting a big plate full and throwing half away immediately so that i dont over eat. i dont like pumpkin pie so no prob there, my enemy is caramel apple pie.
    and dont be too hard on yourself if you dont do perfect on thanksgiving, it is one of the few times in a diet to live a little. and white meat turkey isnt that bad for you so go ahead and enjoy it all, just go easy on the carbs and youll be fine.

    stay strong


  2. Arghh I seriously wish I could fast-forward to Friday, for all of us. All I know is I am not going near a damn thing that begins with the letter P, such as pumpkin, potato or pecan. ;)

    That is amazing you'll be *in* the wedding... what better motivation could you have asked for?! You'll so be outshining the bride and I love it.

    Will be thinking of you on Thursday... Lord help us all! haha


  3. Thanksgiving is like "ana hell". Congrats on being a bridesmaid! Never been one and it sounds fun.

  4. LOL!!! This is the BEST letter :P

    Good luck with turkey day!! :) You will be fine.. I believe in you!! :)))

    (I've isolated myself from everyone pretty much so.. no pie for me, or food.. lol ....)

  5. OH man embre.. Carmel apple pie? mmm. sounds good, I've never had it!

    We must be strong for the Turkey day!!! I know I'll go a little crazy, but, we can be good the day before and after! it's just one day.. let's make the most of it and know we are ALL going through it together in our heads.. HA@
    Best wishes Girls!
    I'm nervous... but we WILL have control! right?