28 October 2009


My boss is preparing for 3 speeches and a 10 day trip to Asia. My life is so crazy right now that I just want to scream!

I've been eating, not fabulously, but keeping it under 800 cals. The purging is in check for the moment. Whew!

PMS is settling in so the desire for chocolate is driving me crazy but I've been good so far! (Although there are some M&M's at the reception desk that have been singing my name all day. Damn those tasty little bitches!)

I'm sorry I haven't had time to check in with you all. I hope you are doing well.

Much, much, much, much love to everyone.

Don't eat!



  1. haha, it sounds rather mad really, your doing well with your eating!
    stay strong! :) x

  2. Way to keep in track of your calorie intake even with all of the traveling and urges! Keep going strong!

  3. Chocolate got me too, haha, I have about 7 m&ms today. Gaaaah!
    And AWESOME on keeping track of your calories. I have the worst time when traveling.

  4. It sounds like you're doing fabulously! Well done :) regularly keeping it under 800 is perfect for loss!
    keep it up, it's great to read!
    love xx