18 October 2009

Fuck a carb.

I have spent the day b/p.

Extreme b/p.

I've removed at least 70% of my calorie intake and let me tell you...it was an impressive intake.


I can't explain what happened today. It is rainy and cold and M and I decided to spend the day indoors which led to him making a terribly fattening breakfast which I couldn't pass up and thus the purging began. After that he was called into work and I spent the afternoon wallowing in binge hell. I went to McDonalds for godssake!! Sweet jeebus I binged and purged and binged and purged and ...

It is finally over. I'm exhausted. I've eaten everything sweet, salty, and otherwise. I can safely fast for the rest of the week. Today was my food nightmare.

And the sickest thing is that there is a part of me that is proud...yes, Proud...that I purged so easily all day.

I'm okay with this. The less calories the more I win.



Stay strong...stay hungry.


  1. I've been feeling the same way today. Tons of b/ping...I don't even totally know why. Lately it's been non stop and I'm not happy about it. Tomorrow is another day...stay strong.

  2. Its all good. As long as you don't let those cals settle into the bottom of your stomach/thighs/arms/hips, you're straight. =)