22 October 2009


Did NOT binge last night!


Plus a most freakish occurrence this morning...I actually noticed some weight loss. This almost never happens. See, I am shaped like Jessica Rabbit. Seriously. I come from a long line of freakishly proportioned women; full bust and hips in relation to a bizarrely small waist. I am eternally grateful for the figure but I DESPISE my hips. For some reason I gain weight there first and lose weight there last. If it weren't for a lifetime of squats and lunges I would be a walking caricature like some of my extended family members.

Anywho, while doing my regular physical inventory in the mirror this morning I noted that my waist and hips have notably shrunk. Yes, I am still most definitely a cow but I am a smaller heifer, which for today will be marked a victory.


Plus, I put on a suit that I haven't worn in ages and it was a little lose! Yay!

All of this has miraculously taken away my appetite. I am hoping to ride this wave of joy to a full fast day.

I think I may even weigh myself tomorrow morning. Maybe. Maybe not. or Maybe.

(Is it obvious that I'm hopped up on happy and lots of coffee??)



  1. Thanks for your words of encouragement ... and congrats on the weight loss!! Hopefully I'll be able to follow your example.

  2. Congratulations! Happy days are the best kind of days! Especially ones that don't involve food! Have a fab day tomorrow, Love and strength, T.

  3. Oh yay! well done you :)

    I received the Jessica Rabbit gene too. And while I curse my hips and bemoan my thighs, when it comes down to it I am ultimately very very grateful. You can change your size, but you can never change your proportions, and my tiny waist is an endless source of secret pride.

    So kudos to you and your va va voom in miniature


  4. Congrats on the loss!! I'm jealous of your shape! I'm more like tiny hips, little booty, and fair sized boobs.. I wish it was a little curvier but then again we always want what we don't have right?
    Hopefully you keep riding the happy wave, I find staying hopped up on coffee generally helps too!

  5. congrats! I envy u I have no bust and no ass just hips and a little tummy