16 October 2009

I eat therefore I purge.

I stopped on the way home last night to purchase a bottle of wine.

Entered the house and made myself a bowl of my husband's meat-laden pasta sauce with fresh broccoli instead of pasta (try it, it's good!) sucked down a glass and a half of wine, ate the sauce and vegs and promptly went to the bathroom to get rid of it all.

Rinsed out my mouth, smiled, had another glass of wine, got rid of that too, scarfed down two handfuls of cheese curls(why were they in the house?!) and a little more wine , sent them all to porcelain heaven, and then went to bed content.

I've been happily sipping on coffee all morning with nothing in my tummy.

Seriously, my fucked up behavior brings me entirely too much satisfaction.

Still afraid to get on the scale but the skirt I put on today is definitely looking too big.


Starve on.


  1. I've decided that something that makes me feel so much better can't be wrong. Some people take vacations, some people get massages, some people use drugs, some people throw up.

    I did NOT manage to get the stepper together, btw. I will make a fresh, non-drunk attempt this evening.


  2. I don't tend to do the purging, though I have in the past when it was definately needed. but the eating habits in general, it's pretty odd how the feeling of hunger makes me happy, I think that sometimes, then most of the time I agree with G.Samsa's point,
    I'm rambling!
    I'm glad your feeling happy! x

  3. Wow I'm so happy to be reading your blog again! I feel encouraged!

  4. Amazing. I'm so out of practice with purging, its ridiculous. Ugh! I'll have to re-learn it though because Thanksgiving is coming up soon and goodness knows how horrendous that will be!