19 October 2009

5 day fast

Yesterday was better but not great. I staved off eating until about 3:30pm and then managed to shove about 600 calories into my mouth the hour and a half following. Since I obviously could not be trusted, I then took two sleeping pills and went to bed.

Yep, in bed by 5pm.

All I know is that sleeping=not eating, and that is good.

The costume party is on Saturday and I've got to make up for my ridiculousness over the weekend so no solid food for me until Saturday.

The longest I've ever fasted in the past was 4 days.

I will beat that record this week.

Oh, and my boobs are shrinking which sucks. Why can't fat leave your thighs first?


Food sucks. Starving rocks.



  1. I just finished a 5 day fast. Good luck darling <3

  2. My boobs used to be huge and now they are meagre teeny weeny saggy blobs of patheticness. It's very sad. They were the first part of me to deflate.

    I often go to bed outrageouly early to try and stop any potential eating too. Ah well, new day and all that!


  3. I think you're on to something with the sleeping pills. I've foundI cannot be trusted with food after about 8pm - I really just need to be asleep then.

    And the fat always leaves the spot you hate the most last. I've actually developed muscle grooves in my forearms but my thighs are still massive and my butt is still droopy.

    Stay strong, you're amazing!