12 October 2009

*tap* *tap* *tap*...Is this thing on?

I am alive.

I am fat.

I am fasting.

And so it goes.

I have been trying to catch up on your blogs ladies. I have been gone so long and you are all so amazing that I am ashamed to even return so fat. You are all my thinspiration.

Your beauty gives me strength.

I will write a proper post soon.

In the meantime...I just wanted to say 'Thank You'. Your words are powerful.



  1. I'm glad you're back :)
    Don't be ashamed of anything, this is the one place you never have to be ashamed - we're all in this together
    Ophelia x x

  2. Welcome back dear :)
    Good luck fasting.
    I'm fasting too.
    We're all in this together.

  3. YOU'RE BACK! Finally! How was the wedding and everything? I hope you are well and happy

  4. hi africana, i was so inspired reading your blog this morning that i started my very own today. i spent several hours reading through your old posts, and i just couldn't stop thinking about this community of like-minded girls who can help each other. i hope we can support each other during our struggles, and offer tips, inspiration, and motivation!

    love, kk