16 February 2010

Quick post

1.  I am alive.
2.  Working in DC is CRAZY right now and I am swamped beyond belief.
3.  I have regained some control on my eating (THANK GOD).
4.  Have been purging daily since the first snow storm over a week ago.  (sigh)

The support I get from reading everyone's blog can not be overstated.  I am missing it LOADS right now but simply haven't the time to catch up yet.  I'll finish a big project in the next few days and hope to return and find out what everyone has been up to.

Be well and please take good care of yourselves!



  1. Good to hear you're alive! I hope the crazy work get's a little less crazy. Good luck on the project!

    Love Battle


  2. 1. Thank goodness.
    2. I bet. Seriously.
    3. YAY!
    4. You're not alone there.
    5. Miss you too.

    Love, Andy

  3. Good luck with the project, Afri darling. Can't wait to see you back here! :D

    Don't work too hard, ok? :p

  4. Pfft. I'm so with you on #4. I'm trying to get back my control. I want to go back to ana. I miss it. I miss the control. I miss the feeling of superiority. Being able to float along on shear willpower.

  5. Missing you BACK, pretty lady! <3

    Just wanted to drop in and letcha know you were on my mind. Hope life is treating you well...You do deserve it after all! :)

    Stay lovely,


  6. Hope you are doing well! Sounds like a lot of us are busy these days.
    Take care - hope to hear from you soon on your blog :P

  7. I was following you anonymously for awhile but I just want you to know that I read often when you were posting more frequently. I love your blog, and I really miss your posts! Come back! Please!

  8. Girl, where are you? I have been dealign with some scary sh!t in my life but I'm back now. I have been thinking/wondering about you so much and now that I've returned, I see you're not here! :(

    How is everything?! I miss you truly and would love to know you're doing ok. If you can't post but check this comment, please email me trappedinsidemyself@gmail

    Lots of love

  9. You around??? Miss your blog! :) Hope all is well.

  10. Africana-
    I hope you're doing alright, and that DC has treated you well. Come back and catch us up soon. <3