06 February 2010


Last night around 10pm M and I went outside.  It looked like this:

I woke up to this:

And here's a view out of our back door:

And here's a view looking across our neighbor's deck:

They are saying we got 20+ inches already and it is going to snow all day with an expectation for an additional 10 inches by midnight tonight.

At least we've still got power!

I'm going to make a strong pot of coffee and hop on the treadmill in case our luck wears out.

Be strong and stay lovely!


  1. Wow!! That"s a shitload of snow! I haven"t seen that much snow in toronto for years!

  2. i cannot even imagine such thing

  3. We had a storm like that at the beginning of December in Wisco. I still don't think we got as much as you guys did, though! Wow!

    Time for a playful romp in the snow with M? ;)

    Have fun with it! (You'll be sick of it soon enough!)



  4. Holy shit...
    My in-laws live in Pittsburgh and they got like 2.5 feet. I'm glad I live in the south.

  5. Jesus... I love snow!! I wish it snowed more here in Aus..
    Drinking coffee myself right now too! unfortunately no tready though.. Have fun!
    Unleash your inner child and make a snowman lol... OMG, what if the power goes out and you cant use Blogger, Major Crisis!?

  6. Holy cannoly!

    What a winter :)

  7. Where I live in Aus there is no chance of snow. I wish I could see it! I can't imagine though having that much snow. Hope you don't lose power!! That would totally suck.

  8. Africana! I'm going to Washington DC for February vacation! I could see you and not even notice!

  9. that's so much snow!!! we got a huge snow like this in december--then again a month ago--then again last weekend! i love snow, it makes everything feel like a new start. maybe you could look at this the same way--a new opportunity. find inspiration in the beauty around you...

  10. Still have power, you say???

    *stews in jealousy*

    And you -totally- stole my title. Yes, the entry that was in "drafts" since Friday night/Saturday morning at 12:45AM when I lost power and which no one saw until today; yeah, you stole it.


    Stay warm!!!!!

  11. Wow!! It looks amazing! Hope the coffee and treadmill treated you well on the weekend :)

    Lots of love and strength to you as always


  12. Hey! we had a huge storm here too! It's like a fairy winter wonderland out there! :)
    Makes me think of powered sugar...mmmm! I am thinking that shoveling my driveway every 5 minutes is good calorie burning!
    Hope you are doing well!