05 February 2010

And on the 5th day...she puked.


Sorry guys.  I couldn't keep it up (or down as the case may be).
As soon as I ate more than 500 calories, I purged.

I have mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand I'm mad at myself.
On the other hand I am still pretty damn proud that I made it 4 days at all.

We are are expecting 20 to 30 inches of snow in the next 36 hours.
Yeah, I said 20 to 30 inches of snow!

They are calling it the 'Snowacalypse'.
Or Snowmageddeon.

So today I worked from home.
Worked out.
Decided to eat a few extra calories.
Started with a 300 cal green smoothie.
Which lead to some coffee filled with my favorite cinnamon hazelnut calorie-laden creamer.
Which lead to a half a cup of bar-b-que chex-mix.
Which lead to two more cups of bar-b-que chex mix.
Then a coke zero...

And then she puked ladies and gentlemen.
Oh yes, Mia hopped in the drivers seat and drove me straight to Purge City.

And now, I am stuck in the house for at least the next 36 hours with a husband that will sit downstairs and play video games as much as he can.  Of course, while he is down there I will sit up here with my computer living in relative isolation and try not to b/p the time away.

Ah well.  Could be worse right?
I may have lost this battle, not the damn war.

Deep breath.

I'm off to make a pitcher of vodka, light cranberry juice, and club soda.  :-)

Let the snowacalypse begin!!

And thanks for the amazing support this week ladies.  You all keep me going.
I refuse to give up on me.
I love you guys to bits.



  1. ooh ooh! pitchers involving vodka are GREAT. You did good for a long time. Baby steps :)
    Stay Strong

  2. But you lasted for 4 days so thats progress in itself!
    Tomorrow you can start agin and try to last 5 days... then 6, 7, 8, 9... lol then eventually it will be 5 years since you took a drive down to Purge City...
    Ha good luck hun, Thanks for all the nice comments lately too... Have a pitcher for me too.

  3. 4 days is a massive achievement! Like Jayne said, you'll be able to work up to longer purge-free streaks.

    Have fun with the snowacalypse! I think we're due for another noreaster soonish... it's been like, a week without snow. Which is not normal for Massachusetts this time of year.

    Stay lovely!


  4. I'm glad you're staying so positive! I wish I could do that, but I do have hope for myself for today, and that's the first step to recovery. We can kick Mia's ass.

    And I love vodka. I would like some of this vodka mix. I should try it sometime!

  5. Woohoo 4 days!!!! :D That's friggin' awesome, love. Awesome sauce, even. ;)

    I read this last night, actually, and commented (or rather, attempted to comment) but it didn't save and got lost and then I had to tend to the little one so that sentiment is now lost forever to cyberspace. All the same, I felt compelled to come back today and try again. :) I still wanted you to know how amazing I think you are. <3

    I made it through four days, myself, with no binges...but then failed. :( And I did it again this morning. I think I stopped myself before too much damage was done, but it's the lapse in control itself that is what gets me... I didn't purge though, and though the scale HAS gone up consistently for the past two days, I'm holding on. You're my inspiration for today. :D

    Vodka sounded so good last night that I actually went out and bought some, with you in mind. :) It's peach tea flavored, and I mixed it with some highly caloric fruit juice (I thought I grabbed the Light verson...wtf?)..It was delicious and tropical and too strong and I fell asleep very quickly after my first serving. :P

    This is entirely too long. I hope your day is going well...I'm off to finish my blog check-ups and then, hopefully, update my own. Have a great weekend, hun, and keep bein' LOVELY! <3

  6. 4 days is better than 3 days, which is better than 2 days, which is better than 1 day.

    Be proud! You have set your own personal goals and you are competing only against yourself. You can do it and you will.

    "If at first you don't succeed, dust youself off and try again.."
    (remember when that was THE JAM?!?!?! Still bumps today...)