15 December 2009

"You're too sensitive"

Apparently being a friend and caring when someone fucks you over is considered "too sensitive".

You know, this is the story of my life. I can't tell you how many people have fucked me over when all I was doing was behaving like I thought a friend should behave. I should just get it through my fat skull that people are inherently assholes.


Got it.

Now I guess I get to be an asshole too right?

Except that I'm too fucking sensitive and I cried because I thought friendship was important.

"Silly fat Africana..."

"Just go to bed hungry and wake up tomorrow hoping for a better day."

/end rant


love you guys.



  1. Yeahhh people are assholes. I invest a lot in friendships and I constantly get let down - so I say fuck it. What if these asshole former friends are right? What if we really do give too much, care too much and expect that in return..

  2. HUG
    I'm sorry baby.
    People want to be good, but it's so much easier to be an ass.
    I'm sorry you've been fucked over.
    And it says a lot about our character that you're not even able to pretend to be an ass without feeling guilt.
    We're all pulling for you, okay?

  3. hmmm; your not alone.
    except; im too insensitive.
    my brother thinks i should talk to a therapist.
    he's the only one who legit knows about my depression..
    i hope no one ever finds out about my ednos though..

  4. Aw :( I'm sorry you are sad right now. Friendship is important and sometimes people are asses because they are trying to hide other emotions themselves. Sometimes they just ARE assholes though. :(
    I hope things get better!

  5. I'm "too sensitive" too. People are so cruel, yet when they leave us in tears it is somehow always our fault. We should "harden up" and learn to take things in our stride, be thicker skinned. People say I read into things too much, but most of the time I'm right. I'm not oversensitive, I'm accurate. People are horrible. I'd rather let it affect me than be cold and callous.

  6. Iz contrary? 0.0

    Thankyou so much for your words. They got me through the inevitable temper tantrum he threw *eyeroll* The final bills are going to my parent's house. . . Dad will collect it out of The Boy's hide if he tries to fuck around XD

    I hope you have an awesome weekend, bunny <3