28 December 2009

The girl has a plan.

Christmas was...well, let's just say that I'm damn glad it is over.

I am now in holiday purgatory trying to move on from the Xmas binge and prep myself for the coming New Year (drinking!) festivities.

I will be so damn happy when 2010 arrives. I feel like I'm waiting to be born or something. As I stated in my last post, I intend to fast through January but I should explain more lest you all think I'm out to kill myself or fuck up my metabolism too much next month.

My January "fast" schedule is outlined as follows:

Friday, Jan 1 - Water, Coffee, 32oz Green Smoothie (approx 200-300 cals)
Saturday, Jan 2 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS
Sunday, Jan 3 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS
Monday, Jan 4 – Water, Coffee
Tuesday, Jan 5 – Water, Coffee
Wednesday, Jan 6 – Water, Coffee, Protein Shake
Thursday, Jan 7 – Water, Coffee
Friday, Jan 8 - Water, Coffee
Saturday, Jan 9 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake
Sunday, Jan 10 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake
Monday, Jan 11 – Water, Coffee
Tuesday, Jan 12 – Water, Coffee
Wednesday, Jan 13 – Water, Coffee, Protein Shake
Thursday, Jan 14 – Water, Coffee
Friday, Jan 15 - Water, Coffee
Saturday, Jan 16 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake
Sunday, Jan 17 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake
Monday, Jan 18 – Water, Coffee
Tuesday, Jan 19 – Water, Coffee
Wednesday, Jan 20 – Water, Coffee, Protein Shake
Thursday, Jan 21 – Water, Coffee
Friday, Jan 22 - Water, Coffee
Saturday, Jan 23 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake
Sunday, Jan 24 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake
Monday, Jan 25 – Water, Coffee
Tuesday, Jan 26 – Water, Coffee
Wednesday, Jan 27 – Water, Coffee, Protein Shake
Thursday, Jan 28 – Water, Coffee
Friday, Jan 29 - Water, Coffee
Saturday, Jan 30 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake
Sunday, Jan 31 – Water, Coffee, 32oz GS, Protein Shake

This arrangement gives me 4 full fasting days a week and allows for some respectable nutrition intake via the Green Smoothies and also the necessary protein replenishment via the shakes. I'm probably not going to exercise on weekdays due to the low cals. I'm adding the additional cals on the weekend to kick my metabolism back up and to have energy for workouts.

I'll post my green smoothie recipes as I go. I like to play around with them a lot to keep them interesting and to give my body some nutritional variety. If you are interested in Green Smoothies then just google them. There are tons of recipes out there. I try to focus on making them with the lowest calorie fruits/veggies and supplements of course.

I feel good about this. In February I am going to try to focus on maintaining the January losses and staying away from that damn Mia. I also think I'm going to bite the bullet and maybe get a personal trainer in February. I need to get serious about toning up more.

I feel oddly calm and excited about the new year. I don't know if it is because of being newly married to M or what but I don't think I've ever been this happy overall.

If I can just be thin enough then my life will be complete.


  1. I love the pic in your post lmao. Your plan looks awesome!
    I hope you stay away from Mia too, I have the same goal.

  2. Good Luck with the plan! I don't even have my next week planned out! ha!
    Glad to hear you will be trying to avoid Mia in 2010. I know.. it's hard.. she trys to trick me ALL the time! I admit to slipping up Thanksgiving, but I stayed away at Christmas!
    Oh I need a new trainer too - Toning is a good thing since I'm a bit scared of my heart sometimes when I do a lot of cardio.
    Good luck in the New Year!

  3. you & me both
    i think were all excited for the new year.
    good luck & we'll be with you the whole way!

  4. I really like the plan... you can totally do this. and thanks for posting the whole thing, I'm re-setting my "food reality" after all the christmas gorging and it is good to see that other people can exist on water and coffee for a full day. therefore I can too.

    good luck!

  5. Good plan! Your blog is very inspiring. I would appreciate it so much if you looked at mine. :) I admire your writing.


  6. oh my god I LOVE IT!!!

    I know exactly what you mean about the purgatory... I'm trying to give myself a break and then start hard and properly for the new year. But I'm so bloated and fat and revolting I just can't wait for it to start!

    I was going to start the ABC again, but your plan looks fantastic! I'm not sure I'd be able to follow it, but I definitely think I'll have to include a lot of green smoothies in my ABC :)

    Looking forward to forging into the new year with you xx

  7. Ahhh I have missed you!!!! And what an amazing post for me to return to... the schedule you have lined up is so great. I am going to be fasting with you!

    not only fasting, but I, too, REALLY need to tone up... it is dreadful. I think during my last fast I lost more weight than I thought, towards the end of it, and my arms are so gross by now.

    Anyways I won't ramble on here but I missed you and you have been on my mind more than anyone! I know 2010 will be the year we accomplish and relish in our goals.


  8. I want to get back into fasting too. I can't fast as much as you in the schedule above, but if there are days you want a fasting buddy, let me know.

  9. How did this fast go? I'm sure you wrote about in your Jan. entries, but I haven't gotten tot read them yet.... random: are you African? I am; haven't met other Brown B/Ps before...