05 December 2009


Yeah, well....yesterday I was doing GREAT until I got home.

I am beginning to hate being home. M spends most of his time downstairs playing video games and I have entirely too much unsupervised time up in the bedroom.

Anyways, I got home feeling delightfully empty, spent a little "quality time" with M and I was feeling strong so I said I would go get him something for dinner. We have a dreadful tradition of me bringing him home a baconator from Wendy's on Friday nights. (I know, I know...Baconators...w.t.f???) I don't know how this became a thing but the man loves bacon and I love the man so...love makes you do strange things!

Anywhoooo, yeah, I had a breakdown and bought food-items-that-shall-not-be-named.

Ate. Barfed. Slept.


I feel confident that I got almost all of it out so I'm still putting the day well under 500 cals BUT STILL...

I DON'T NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

/end rant

I'm better this morning. Had a salon appointment at 8am and am now home feeling better and wrapping M's birthday presents for the dinner tonight. I got him a iTouch 64GB! He is going to be so excited! I got him an iTouch a couple of years ago when they first came out and it is his favorite toy. The 3rd-gen is so much better that I just had to get him a new one. It was entirely too much money to spend and I would never buy it for myself but he loves cool toys. It makes him happy to have the latest thing. I am going to give him my 80GB classic iPod to use in his car (the iTouch won't work in the car for some reason) and I'll take his old iTouch which is all I need. It's a win for everyone!

I love the boy. If it wasn't his birthday I think I'd be trying to hurt myself because of last night. But I'm okay. Today is about M and not me.

Mia can kiss my fat ass.

Oh, and we are getting the first snow of the winter! It's pretty outside. :)

I hope you all have a good day and beat the demons that hound us.

Control is the fucking GOAL.



  1. The Baconator. LOL. That is some crazy burger but I have to admit I am a little bit in awe of those who can eat it and not bat an eye. Must be nice!! Sounds like he had a nice B day.

  2. "Mia can kiss my fat ass."
    I love it! Can I get that on a T-shirt? lol

  3. hey i'm a new follower, and i love your blog.
    MIA is a bitch!..thats all i can say.
    but your intake sounds pretty good. keep it up babes! x

  4. Aw... Im sorry Mia got you! But, yes... today is a new day and Mia can kiss ur bum!! LOL
    love it!
    ipod touch is cool, i got M one but shes only getting the 8g one cause shes a kiddo! LOL

    hope you have a good day!

  5. dont be too hard on yourself. letting in every now and then is good for your metabolism.i allow once a week to let myself eat more than any other day and it really seems to kick my weight loss into gear. if your worried that you cant trust yourself when getting M a baconator i go online and look up the calories in wendys food and write it down in a little notebook i take with me everywhere. that way i know what i can and cant eat . oh and if you get a cheeseburger then i always take off the top part of the bun and that saves around 80 cals. stay strong