04 December 2009

The Goal

I seem to have forgot the impetus for the start (and the title) of this blog. The last two months have hardly been stellar in the 'control' department. But no more...

Although I've lost some weight in the last few weeks I could have lost SO MUCH MORE with out mia tagging along like some insistent homeless puppy prodding me to feed her again and again.

So, although this will be only one day because I have to eat tomorrow for M's birthday dinner, today I am pledging to you all and to my self to rest my mind, body, and spirit with a water fast.

I am not going to think about food because I am not going to eat any food.

I've taken a phentermine to kill my appetite. I don't take these much anymore because they have a tendency to fuck with my mood but today I don't care. Not eating will make my mood marvelous!

I've got to pull myself together. My skirt feels less loose today and that is absolutely and completely unacceptable.

Control is the goal and I am committed to it.

Go away mia. I do not want to play with you anymore.

I hope you are all doing well. I plan to take some time to check in on all of your blogs. You ladies give me strength and I appreciate it more then I could ever express fully with words.



  1. I am so with you on "Go away Mia" She's such a annoying bitch.. I find myself wrestling with her daily... hourly... giving me excuses and outs for my horrid behavior.
    We will have Control! I'm pulling for you! It is comforting though to know someone else struggles with Mia. I want to get rid of her... I want YOU to get rid of her too! I just feel like now that we know what she can do, it's even harder to let her go...
    Stay Strong - We need body guards or a hit man for Mia!


  3. Also fasting today!! We can do it sweetie :)

  4. Mia has been at my house for the last three days straight. Today in particular was just ridiculous. I'm not sure what to do with her.

  5. Oh yes you can have some of this energy TAKE IT PLEASE!

    Mia is a manky whore. I'll mug her so she leavs you alone :p

    Good luck!

  6. I'm trying to fast today!
    good luck with yours,
    you can do it!