22 December 2009

2 day fast

No food until Xmas eve.

M and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Michigan and the xmas weekend with my crazy family. iamsoexcitedthaticantstandit!!

In anticipation of all of the eating and drinking that I will most probably do over the weekend I've decided to fast until Xmas evening dinner on Thursday.

And I want to wish you all a very happy holidays!

Starting January 1st I am going on a 30 day fast.

2010 is going to be my year dammit.

love you guys to bits!


  1. A 30 day fast, wow. You are my inspiration. I tried to do a 3 days fast not to long ago, and that was sheer hell. I'm starting to think I can't do fasts. Good Luck, chica and enjoy the holidays.

  2. WOAH
    perhaps we could do it together; provide support & thinspo?
    email me sometime later:

  3. WOW girl! 30 days! Good for you! I am trying to semi fast today and go until Christmas eve dinner. I'm just trying to get that in sight! HA HA!.
    Best wishes to you and Have a Happy Holiday! :)

  4. I hope you have an awesome holiday!! <3

    30 day fast? You scare me hun :p

  5. I wish you a merry Christmas, stay strong
    sweet heart. !!!

    kate lunacy

  6. I would not recommend it because your body will go into famine mode and slow your metabolism. Then when you get off the fast you will gain all the weight you lost back plus some extra. Also fasting for that long could be very harmful. All I'm saying is out of concern. Stay safe and be careful.