15 April 2011

Once more, with feeling!

Exhibit A:  My fat ass.
Exhibit B:  My blog.
Exhibit C: My empty bank account.

Verdict:  The defendant is hereby remanded to the EDNOS Online Penitary until she is no longer a fattie.  There will be no consideration for time served.

Sooooooo yeah, I'm here. Once again.  Fat and ashamed mostly-  yet oddly excited and energized.
Surely signs of my sickness but whatevs.

The good news is I am still married to a wonderful and ridiculously sexy man that has put up with my weight gain and irrational mood swings.  I truly do not know what I ever did to deserve him.

The bad news is that I have put on at least 20lbs over the last year.  I don't know the number for sure because I simply cannot bear to get on the scale.  Nevertheless the fact that I hardly have any clothing that fits tells the tale quite clearly.

The worse news is that I am broke.  Yes, I am married and he makes a very good living but I am still stubbornly independent when it comes to money.  We split things and I never ask him to pay any of my personal bills or expenses.  Last year I played a little fast and lose with my funds and went out a lot, bought a ton of shoes (craziness!), and took him on two vacations that I honestly could not afford.  The tax bill just came in and we're on the hook for several thousand dollars which is my responsibility to pay.  (He pays the big bills like the mortgage plus takes care of our savings AND his union contract is up in August so they may go on strike....ugh!  I'll cover all that in a later post for those interested.)

Anywhooooo....It basically leaves me broke.  Seriously.  Like I have a couple hundred bucks to live on a month for probably the remainder of the year.

The good news - no $$ means no lunches with the fat babes at the office and no funds for happy hour binges with the girls.  :)

The bad news - no more shoes!  :(  :(  :(

I have been perusing the blogs and so much has changed and so many have moved on.  I am incredibly embarrassed to return at all but I need some strength to lose this weight (and some).
Plus, you guys are a lovely lot.  I look forward to becoming reacquainted!

Today (plan):
8 fish oil pills - 81 cals
Baby carrots and low sodium tomato soup (lunch) = 250
Green smoothie - kale, OJ, strawberries (dinner) = 300
unlimited water and green tea

I can't get these thunder thighs to the gym today but I plan on exhausting myself on an elliptical machine first thing tomorrow morning.



  1. Welcome back :)

    Sorry to hear about your financial troubles, it seems like everyone is struggling these days...damn economy.

  2. we're both back, hopefully a quick return to thinner days :)