18 April 2011

I remember this feeling.

Hello lovely ladies! (And of course I remember you Peri!!  :)  I'm going to head over and do my best to catch up on your blog.)

The weekend was good.  Survived mostly on green smoothies except for a small bowl of brown rice and beef last night for dinner with M.  I kept my appetite down with a couple of 'extra' doses of my ADD meds.  Those things are GREAT for killing my appetite if I take a little extra.  I know that's not the best thing to do but I needed to get through this first weekend.  And I did it!  I'm pretty proud of myself considering my habits of the last year in particular.

Thus far today:
B - 250cals Green Smoothie w/kale, spinach, low cal OJ, frozen fruit mix
L - 100cals  Thai Chicken Soup
Snack - 100cals  Baby carrots/handful of M&Ms
plus lots of water and green tea.

M & I will probably eat the beef and rice leftovers and I may make some lima beans. (I LOVE lima beans!)  I'm pretty sure I can get through the day under 1000 cals.

I still haven't weighed myself.
I'm seriously terrified.

I'm fat.


1 comment:

  1. OMG I had to kill my last YouTube channel because of Seafood Dude, so you've missed all the vlogs! D: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Holy shit, I think I may have un-followed your blog during my blogroll purge when I finally got internet at this place! So many people have just disappeared. Its worrying.

    Omnomnom Thai! Miles got my hooked on it >.< 'Tis the BIGGEST treat now!

    I'm too scared to go near my scales too. Miles bought pizza last night and as usual I hoovered the entire thing :'( Sodium out the wazoo, fucking water weight!

    Have a good night lovely!