25 April 2011

He suggested we fast!


My husband suggested that we fast together this week!!!

I almost screamed with joy.  :)

Ok, here's what happened.  You should know that M is one of those naturally athletic kind of guys.  He's always been slim and muscular even when living on a diet of coca-cola and potato chips.  He is one of those people with a naturally high metabolism and low body fat.  It's sickening!  Anyway, in the last year he has noticed a little bit of a tummy coming on him (the perils of getting older!) and he doesn't like it.  He's not really the gym type so when he wants to lose a few pounds he just drops his calories.

So last week he had to get a cavity filled and his mouth hurt so he didn't eat solid food for a couple of days.  He lost a couple of pounds and when he mentioned it to me I did suggest that he at least drink protein shakes so that his high metabolism doesn't eat up his lean muscle mass.  He liked that idea.  I told him that I was thinking of doing a few days on protein shakes to get things moving along with my diet and then he turned and said the most beautiful sentence to me....

"How about I join you and we have just protein shakes next week?"

A liquid only fast with my husband next week??
Why thank you, I think I will!

There was already some good protein powder in the house and I went and bought the rest of the supplies for the week yesterday.  I can't believe it!  Liquids only for a whole week and hubby is on board!!  I don't have to worry about cooking anything for him and can avoid all the solid food in the house without getting any weird looks.

I made a big low-carb shake this morning with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (approximately 250 cals) and  I don't plan to eat anything else today!  If I am too hungry at bedtime tonight then I may make a small protein shake before bed.

This is going to be the best week ever!!

Good luck to all.



  1. Oh wow.. THAT will never ever come out of my hubby to be's mouth.. EVER... But ya.. Wow.. GL hon :)

  2. How awesome is that!!! Fast on.

  3. Your hubby sounds exactly like my dad. thin and muscular, low body fat while eating sugar and junk food constantly!

    good luck with the protein shakes my bf drinks them, bu I can't quite stand the taste of them.

    ~ H

  4. This is just what I needed. I lost a crown this afternoon and figured the pain is a good excuse to fast 'til the dentist fits me in next week. Thanks!

  5. You are sooo lucky. Lol. My bf wants desperately to gain wieght because he is so tiny and he burns things up like a pyro! It's sad.. he can eat McD's like 3 times a day and never gain anything! And he doesn't even exercise! Anyway! Good luck to you!

    I thought protein shakes were really high in cals? No?

  6. Oh. MAN!!! I envy you the lack of dishes to do :p Miles wants me to bake for him this arvo *Sigh* I HATE doing dishes!!

  7. Wow! You are the lucky one, eh? Boy will undoubtedly support my raw food deal but entire FASTS? Hm.. Maybe I should appeal to the weight loss monster in him...ha ha. Ps could you post/link your protein shake recipe? I have some whey powder to mix with water after I run is that what you mean..?

    Xx Hana

    Psps thanks for putting up with my grody pictures:P