08 June 2009

A compliment?

This morning my co-worker, let's call her V, stopped by to see how the wedding plans are going. She knows all about the two-dresses saga. After I updated her (dress number two, the smaller size, is fitting better and better) she just nodded and said, "I guess so. Your clothes are just hanging off of you!"

I almost kissed her! She is the first person, outside of my immediate family and friends, to comment on the weight loss.

The day is suddenly brighter.


  1. Lol. Well congrats on the compliment. I'm sure you look absolutely fabulous.

  2. it makes it all worth the blood, sweat and tears, doesn't it?!?! nice one!

  3. Awesome...it feels so good when ppl start noticing the weight loss and are nice about it!

  4. See? Your hard work is paying off! Congratulations! You're going to look stunning at your wedding!

  5. happy days ...

    i secretly love people commenting on my weight .. i prentend i hadnt even noticed. mwahahah Xx

  6. yay on the smaller dress fitting better and better

    nothing better than having something to measure progress with


  7. Yay, it's an awesome feeling right? I love it too! You go!

    Also, I JUST realized you'd started your blog! I'm so crappy and behind the times =/ I totally forgot until I was reading through old comments and you'd told me you hadn't started your blog yet but was going to soon... and now here it is! And I missed it!

    I'm following now though =] Love it!

    Vee xox

  8. Haha! Congrats! You will make a perfect bride!

  9. when are you getting married? That is so exciting! My big day is in 43 days... somehow I need to whittle off 10 pounds!