06 May 2011

Of kindness

My deep gratitude to you all for the kind and thoughtful comments on my last post.
You ladies are something special.  Thank you.

Q's sister has stabilized a bit.  They've brought her blood pressure back up with medication but she is on dialysis until (and if) her kidneys start working again.  She has two young sons that just want their Mom home for Mother's Day.  It's heartbreaking.

On a completely selfish note, my skirts are falling off of me.  So there's that I guess.

Keep those candles lit.



  1. I'm so glad Q's sister is doing better. As for the skirts, I'm envious! When I get stressed, I turn into a manatee, irrespective of whether I'm eating or not! Go figure!

    I have the same problem at the Pick 'n Pay. The check-out ladies must think I'm the most indecisive doofus! I pick things up, walk around the store with them in my basket and then put them back and leave. What's wrong with us, huh?!

    Love you, Sweetie. <3. XXX.

  2. dang... hard stuff is... well, hard. I hope it all works out for you and best wishes to your friend's sister.

    Keep those skirts falling off!

  3. I have a spare kidney.

    It's probably a bit fucked from my suicide attempts, but it still works.