27 July 2012

3 letters in 'Evil' are also in 'Deli'. Think about it.

This morning was tough.  In the last year I developed the awful habit of eating breakfast.  Yes, I know people say, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."  I call bullshit on that.  When I am obese (and I seriously am!) breakfast is the worst meal of the day.  Eating breakfast is like opening the floodgates of hunger and sweeping myself into the raging river of an out of control appetite.  I can't stop!  It's awful.  I try to start healthy usually, oatmeal or some fruit, and then next thing I know it's two hours later and I'm scarfing down cookies and/or a bag of chips at my desk.  *shudder*  Just horrifying really.  So breakfast is out.  I'm done with it.

My dear Breakfast, it's over.  We're finished.  I am breaking up with you.
And no...we cannot be friends.

Back to this morning and the aforementioned toughness...  
It sucks.  I take the metro into the city and have to walk a quarter-mile to the office.  Of course I work in the heart of DC and there are a million freaking food options in that brief walk.  The worst being the new deli that they built, literally, right below my office!  It's too goddamn easy.

Is it sweltering outside A?
Easy, just grab something at the deli. It's close!

Is it freezing outside A?
Easy, just grab something at the deli.  It's close!

Hungry this morning A?
Easy, just grab something at the deli. It's close!

Want a snack this afternoon A?
Easy, just grab something at the deli. It's close!

Oof.  I swear.  I wish I worked out in the suburbs in a huge industrial park with nothing around for miles. 

I made it through the morning though.  I got off the metro one stop early and walked 1.5miles into the office. It was hot and muggy but it felt damn good PLUS I was able to sashay my fat ass right on by the deli without a second glance!  WIN.  Eventually all of these little wins will get me to my goal.  I will not give up.  

Regaining control with food is doing wonders for so many other areas of my life.  I didn't see it as a symptom before but it was.  I have been much happier this week and I'm really getting excited about moving to the new house.  We've been living in the townhouse for too long and the neighborhood has just got more ghetto over time.  On Tuesday morning I was awoke at 5:30am to a freaking SWAT team pounding on the door of one of the houses across the court from ours!  Seriously!  They had on full body armor and were holding those big shield looking things.  It was craziness.  I think the neighbors kid sells drugs but I don't know.  I stay out of people's business so they will stay the hell out of mine.

Anyway, we are moving to the middle of the fucking woods, 5.5 acres of mostly trees and not many neighbors around.  It's going to be so crazy but my husband is really really happy.  I'm a little weirded out by the thought of it but at least well have privacy, a place for pets, and my husband can be naked on the deck.  lol  Yeah, I married a nudist.  A naturally skinny super sexy nudist.  FML.  I never get naked.  Not happenin'.  Maybe if I  get down to like 3% bodyfat...maybe...I would walk around nude...but probably not.  

Thankfully he loves my fat ass as is.
However, I do not.
So the answer can only be....no food until 3pm today...or maybe later.

Seriously, I swear that fucking deli downstairs is evil.  Oof.

Believe in yourself ladies!  I believe in you.


  1. Thank you for your encouragement, darling. You're wonderful. As I'm still on the edge of deciding *how* I want to get skinny, it's nice to know that I have support regardless. My run/jog/walk went pretty well. At a full on run, I can last for 30 seconds before I can't breathe anymore and I have to slow down. Fail.

    But the entire thing lasted for about 25 minutes. Better than spending that 25 minutes on my ass like I would usually do, right? OPTIMISM! :P

    Congrats to you on the total win of avoiding the evil deli. It has nothing to offer you but disappointment in yourself. Why in the world would anyone spend money on THAT? (Heh... I should take my own words to heart.)

    I completely understand your take on breakfast. It IS like opening the floodgates. I often wish that I could skip it, but that doesn't work for me. I get nauseous almost as soon as I wake up if I don't get something in me first thing. Instead, I like to try to skip dinner when I can (but D doesn't like that and it's hard to pull one over on him). When I can't skip it, I have a light salad with some sort of protein, like turkey breast, fish, etc.

    Haha... Baby A is falling asleep sitting up in her chair. Poor princess. I should move her. Keep up the awesomeness! We WILL reach our goals. As far as I'm concerned, we have no other choice. :)


    I still have breakfast, but have divorced the concept of dinner. I've only had a proper dinner when forced to over the last year, I tend to snack on fruit when I'm hungry :/

    Ok, SWAT team? That's fucking scary. Seriously. Thank goodness you're moving! Are there big chompy animals in those woods? If not, WALKING TIME! :D (We had/have a bird fauna. No big chompy animals unless you count feral pigs)

    Why deli when you can have a cup of tea? :p i fyou HAVE to deli, read the ingreedients lables. there are so many, many things I won't touch at my workplace now. The value ham is only 68% meat D: The rest is soy protein, mashed potato and things to make it look pretty. Ick.

    I'm so not liking the sound of the shawlette anymore. . . I got halfway through and realised that because I had forgotten to mark ALL the repeats with stitch markers I'd fucked up the left side of it. So. Not. Impressed!

    Lol, Africanalette. I like it!

    Lots of love to you from Perilette <3